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County-wide Fire Restrictions In Effect

County-wide fire restrictions are now in effect prohibiting open fires, smoking, fireworks, welding, non-spark arrested vehicles, and more. Please see the County alert.

If you see anyone violating these restrictions, please–for the sake of our beautiful canyon’s safety–speak up! Report it to the Summit County Sheriffs Office (435-615-3600) if the person(s) don’t comply immediately!

2017 Spring Cleanup Photos

We had several people show up to assist with the annual cleanup project on Saturday, June 6th. (More than those shown in the pictures… A few people didn’t want their picture taken.) Cleanup focused on the western half of Colter Road. Thank you to all who helped!

Photos from the 2017 Spring Cleanup:





Photos can also be viewed in the album on Facebook.

DNR Chipping

It is anticipated that the DNR will chip properly stacked wood piles in BSR the week of June 26. We encourage property owners to have their wood piles properly organized and stacked. (Thanks to all who participated in the Spring Cleanup last Saturday. Photos will be posted soon.)

As a reminder, the chipping crew is also a firefighting crew. The June 26 anticipated chipping date may be postponed depending on firefighting requirements.

Update, July 20: The DNR crews have been busy fighting fires and have been unable to come in and chip, yet. We probably won’t see them until later in the year after the fire season has slowed down.

Update, August 30: The DNR crew coordinator has us on the schedule and is hoping the crew come can before the program is shut down for the year.

Summit County CodeRED

Summit County’s CodeRED Emergency Notification System is a high-speed telephone calling system capable of making several thousand calls per hour to traditional landline phones, cell phones, and Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phones.

For more information and to register for CodeRED notifications, please see the Summit County CodeRED webpage. Most addresses within BSR will not map properly. The registration process will allow you to move a pin on a map to give your precise location.

UWCPOA Dump Proposal

Last fall Summit County partnered with Republic Services for solid waste collection and a $36 fee was assessed property owners. Many BSR property owners received an invoice. The Upper Weber County Property Owners Association (comprised of the homeowner associations in Weber Canyon) is proposing a counter proposal to reduce the fee assessed to property owners. Current facts and the new proposal are shown below.

BY MAY 31st, please direct any questions or suggestions to improve the proposal to a BSR board member or call Garl Fink or Don Vernon at the phone numbers shown below.

–Beaver Springs Ranch Board of Directors


2016 Total waste from Summit County to 3 mile waste disposal
= 46,500 tons

2016 Total waste from Weber Canyon dump
= 338 tons

Percentage of Total waste from Weber Canyon dump to 3 mile disposal
338 divided by 46,500 = .007288 or .07 percent

Fees for Weber Canyon full time residents $36.00

Fees for Weber Canyon part time (second dwelling) residents $19.00

With $1.00 of each fee going to cleanup, repair and maintenance of Weber Canyon dump.

Garl Fink, President U.W.C.P.O.A.
Don Vernon, V.P., U.W.C.P.O.A. & V.P., B.S.R.A.

2017 Spring Cleanup — Saturday, June 3

Our annual spring cleanup day is scheduled for Saturday, June 3rd, at 9:00am. Please meet at the corral for work review and assignments.

As mentioned at our annual meeting, the DNR will again assist us with cleanup efforts and reduction of fire hazards by chipping wood piles that have been prepared through our cleanup work.  DNR chipping dates will be posted once they are known.

As a reminder: DNR will only work on piles that have been properly stacked. Stacks must be near the road or your driveway. Do not extend stacks into the bar ditches or BSR roads so as to not hinder traffic or any necessary road work. Wood must be stacked in parallel formation. Do not cut logs into short pieces. Longer logs allow for more efficient work and cleanup. Stacking similar diameter pieces together will also help the crew be more efficient. Chippings will be left near your pile.

The pictures below show how the wood needs to be stacked: larger diameter end facing the road for easy access and handling.  If not properly stacked, the DNR crews may bypass your property. Several property owners have already stacked wood close to the roads. Now is a good time to begin if you have not already started cleaning your property and stacking wood in preparation for the chipping project.

Organized & Ready for Chipping
Organized & Ready for Chipping
Note:  Cut side facing the road
Note: Cut side facing the road

Weed Spraying Information

Summit County has herbicide available for purchase by individuals interested in spraying weeds on their BSR property. County personnel can explain the differences between products. Also, product labels and other information is also available online.

Summit County Public Works Dept
1755 South Hoytsville Road
Coalville, UT  84017

Available Products: Milestone Herbicide, Weedmaster Herbicide, Gly Star Plus Herbicide (generic Roundup).

BSR Receives 2016 Firewise Community USA Recognition

BSR has again received recognition of our continuing efforts to provide homeowners and surrounding communities with improved wildfire defense. Thank you for your continuing efforts to make BSR safer and more attractive by cleaning up your properties and properly stacking dead-fall for the DNR chipping program.

A large part of our efforts is the Spring Cleanup event. Please see the 2017 Spring Cleanup post for more information on this event and details of stacking. We look forward to seeing everyone at the cleanup!

DNR will be back again this year to assist with chipping and beautification efforts. We will post dates as soon as we know, but we often don’t get notice more than the day of or day before.