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Dust Control Solution

The Board has approved the use of the mag chloride dust control solution in a test area. This is similar to the product used by Summit County in South Fork, Smith & Morehouse and Thousand Peaks. This solution is sprayed onto the roads, and minimizes or eliminates dust.

As many of you know, this year has been extremely dry and there has been a lot more dust at Beaver Springs. In addition, there has been a lot more wind this year. Dust can cause allergies and other health conditions for animals and people. Dust also makes quite a mess in homes and vehicles. By using this solution we are attempting one more way of making Beaver Springs a more beautiful and enjoyable community for all.

The Board has agreed to test this solution from the gate to the corral, because it is the most used stretch of our roads. In the Fall, the Board will send out a survey to get feedback from everyone in the community.

On Tuesday, August 3rd at 6AM the company will begin the process of preparing the roads for the dust control solution. This will begin approximately at 8AM. This dust control solution can cause damage to cars – similar to salt put on the roads in winter. It is recommended that you DO NOT drive on the roads for 24 hours. If you have to drive on the roads during the initial 24 hours then you should not go over 5 miles per/hr and rinse your vehicle and undercarriage immediately after. After the initial 24 hours, the solution should not have a negative impact on vehicles. 

Construction and Road Damage

Haight Hill has been damaged by oversized construction and contractor vehicles carrying loads that were too heavy to manage on the grade of the hill. The Board is working to get the road repaired as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, all residents should try to avoid Haight Hill – especially if you are bringing in equipment or a heavy load.

It is very important that residents and contractors are aware that vehicles can’t always make it up Height or Mud Hill with extremely heavy loads. Often times multiple loads should be made in order to safely make it up the hills without causing damage. For instance, if your tires are rising off the ground then this is a sign your load is too large. Residents and contractors who cause damage to the roads will be charged – this is in addition to the construction fees collected for normal wear and tear.

As a reminder, BSR began collection construction impact fees in 2020. Please contact the Board if you are working on a renovation project or new build. The information about the fees can be found here:

Community Potluck

When: Saturday, July 3rd at 5PM

Where: Alicia O’Meara & Karl Lund’s Barn – 2nd drive on the left on Weber Rd (past the green house)

What to bring: An appetizer, side dish or dessert to share. BYOB

RSVP: Please send an email to if you plan to attend. Please include what you plan to bring and the number of people in your group.

Dips, Speeding and Dust

As many of you have noticed, the Board has approved the installation of dips in the road along Jim Bridger. These dips will hopefully reduce speeding, and make all residents, visitors and contractors more aware when driving through the neighborhood. We started here, because this is an area where the most drivers travel and it is an easy place to speed. If the speed bumps are successful in mitigating our speeding issue we hope to spread them throughout the community in a systematic way. Please do not install any dips in the roads on your own accord. But, feel free to share your suggestions with the Board. All feedback will be appreciated!

Due to the incredibly early dryness, The Board has also approved the use of Magnesium Chloride (MAG Water) on the roads, which is used by Summit County on the roads leading to Smith and Morehouse, Thousand Peaks and South Fork to mitigate dust in an environmentally friendly way. This will also be a trial, and start from the gate to the corral. Many community members have already offered to pitch in money to get more areas done. However, as with the dips, we need to follow a systematic approach with the goal being to complete the whole neighborhood. Again, all feedback is appreciated.

Lets give a big shout out to Karl Lund for all his work on the dips! And, to Mike Jones for helping us to get moving on the MAG Water! We appreciate community volunteers and input!

Transmitter Batteries

If you use transmitters to get into the BSR gate, please be aware that their battery life is not infinite. If you have trouble with your transmitters please replace the batteries before you contact the Board. This will help with some troubleshooting.

Gate Malfunction

We have had some reports of the gate closing too quickly, or at the wrong time. We have made a call to our gate vendor, and they will hopefully be here on Friday to diagnose the issue. In the meantime, please be aware of what the gate is doing, and watch for issues with it closing. It is best to NOT follow someone in or out – this seems to be when the malfunction is happening. It is also best to stay in the middle of the road, this is where the loops are to signal the gate to stay open. Going to the side of the road closest to the bulletin board is not recommended.

In addition, please be patient and courteous when going through the gate as the same time as neighbors.

Annual Clean Up Day 2021

Please join fellow community members to clean up Beaver Springs on Saturday, June 5th. All participants should meet at the corral on Lewis and Clark at 9AM.

Some of the projects include clearing deadfall, cleaning out and marking culverts. Please bring equipment that can help with these projects.

Remember to fill out In Kind Forms for any work completed throughout the summer season at BSR. The more details the better!