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Community Social Picnic

Alicia O’Meara will host a community social picnic at her property on Weber Road, July 4, 4-6 PM. Just for fun. Come meet your neighbors! Some food and drinks will be provided, but please feel free to bring whatever it is you’d like to drink and eat.

Survey of BSR Residents for Mail and Package Delivery

As discussed at the recent Beaver Springs Ranch Association Annual Meeting, the Oakley Post Office has made significant changes to their rural parcel delivery procedures. This has negatively impacted some residents. As a result of these changes the Upper Weber Canyon Property Owners Association, and the Pine Mountain Board are pursuing obtaining approval for rural delivery of United States Postal Service (USPS) mail and a delivery location for an Amazon drop box for the permanent residents of Upper Weber Canyon.

Utilizing rural mail delivery from the USPS would require a change of address from your current mail delivery location Oakley 84055, or other location, to a new Kamas 84036 location.

The Postal Survey will provide data from Beaver Springs Ranch regarding our interest in having USPS mail delivery to Upper Weber Canyon. We are providing the survey to all Beaver Springs Ranch residents for several reasons:

  1. If you are a part time resident but plan to become a full-time resident please complete the survey and make a note of your plans and when you think this will occur, approximately.
  2. If you are not a full-time resident, but you may want to receive packages while staying at Beaver Springs and utilize the facilities (other than USPS), please complete the survey making the appropriate notations.
  3. If you are a full-time resident and you receive mail delivery elsewhere, other than the Oakley Post Office. Please complete the survey and indicate if you would like to utilize the USPS facilities in Upper Weber Canyon.

Please complete our Postal Survey and return it to Debbi Fugal by Friday, June 21, 2019. You can send the information by email to; text a picture of your completed survey to her at 435-640-0376, or send it hard copy to:

Debbi Fugal
PO Box 399
Oakley, UT 84055

Services Access Through Electronic Gate

If you have a service company that travels in or through Beaver Springs Ranch to service your property, please make sure they are aware we have changed the lock at the BSR Gate. We’re getting a number of calls from propane companies who have gone up to deliver propane to a customer and no longer have a way to get through the gate.

We are not always able to take calls immediately and it causes a lot of unnecessary delays for services when they discover the lock has changed upon arrival at the gate.

Please plan ahead! Ask your service agency if they have their own access through the gate when you contact them for service. If they do not, they should contact us at least a couple days (1-2 weeks, preferably) before they need to get in to BSR.

Unfortunately, we do not have records of all the services who had metal keys and have not been able to notify them all on our own. The following services have already been notified and have their own access:

  • Summit County Sheriff
  • South Summit Fire Protection
  • Summit County (building inspections, etc.)
  • Rocky Mountain Power
  • All West Communications
  • AmeriGas
  • Suburban Propane
  • T-7 Propane
  • Utah LP Gas
  • Ferrellgas
  • Home Propane
  • Preventive Pest Control

When you talk to your service company, please ask that they remind their drivers to follow our posted 10 MPH speed limit. We’ve had several over the years who have far exceeded the speed limit. For the safety of our neighborhood, problem companies may be denied access in the future.

Guidance for requesting temporary PINs for companies and contractors needing non-recurring, non-long term access to BSR is forthcoming.

Update 6/1/2019: Guidance for temporary PINs can now be found in our Gate FAQs.

MacKenzie Open

The damaged area on MacKenzie has dried out and firmed up. Thus, we have opened MacKenzie, but please be cautious of the damage between Fremont and Hoback. Two ruts are deep enough to swallow a small car! We put cones to the side of the road there to help raise awareness.

Road maintenance was not able to be accomplished this week due to weather. Crews will return soon as they can.

Four wheel drive is recommended for the steeper roads within BSR after rain. Large trucks are still prohibited.

2019 Spring Cleanup — Saturday, June 1

Our annual spring cleanup day is scheduled for Saturday, June 1st, at 9:00am. Please meet at the corral for work review and assignments. Bring shovels and chain saws if you have them available.

The DNR will again assist us with cleanup efforts and reduction of fire hazards by chipping wood piles that have been prepared through our cleanup work. DNR chipping dates will be posted once they are known.

As a reminder: DNR will only work on piles that have been properly stacked. Stacks must be near the road or your driveway. Do not extend stacks into the bar ditches or BSR roads so as to not hinder traffic or any necessary road work. Wood must be stacked in parallel formation. Do not cut logs into short pieces. Longer logs allow for more efficient work and cleanup. Stacking similar diameter pieces together will also help the crew be more efficient. Chippings will be left near your pile.

The pictures below show how the wood needs to be stacked: larger diameter end facing the road for easy access and handling.  If not properly stacked, the DNR crews may bypass your property. Several property owners have already stacked wood close to the roads. Now is a good time to begin if you have not already started cleaning your property and stacking wood in preparation for the chipping project. Don’t forget to file a NFP In-Kind Form for work done outside of our Annual Cleanup (we’ll do the tracking for work done with the group during the Cleanup).

Wood Pile 2
Organized & Ready for Chipping
Wood Pile 1
Note: Cut side facing the road