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Fluffy Snow Access

We’ve been getting plenty of the greatest snow on Earth at BSR lately. If you are planning to visit with a snow vehicle, please make sure it has tracks! Wheeled ATVs have been getting stuck in our fresh, fluffy snow pretty regularly over the past week. Snowmobiles and snow cats are recommended. If you use a tracked ATV, make sure you stay on the roads where the fresh snow is not as deep. Please avoid entering BSR with any wheeled ATVs or UTVs until after we get some warmer days to help re-pack the roads.

Annual Assessments

Annual Assessment Invoices were mailed on January 31st. Please make sure you send your payment to our Oakley PO Box address: PO Box 762, Oakley, UT 84055-0762. Failure to do so could result in the receipt of your payment past the due date and may incur a late fee.

Also note that there was a typo in the return address. The correct ZIP Code isĀ 84055, not “84955” as mistakenly placed in the sender’s address on the invoices. We believe the mail will still be delivered to us properly if you use a full address even if you put “84955,” but it is certainly best to use the proper ZIP Code of 84055.

New Gate Keys

We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work to send out the new gate keys. This task has proved monumental at the least. But then, why not!? Automating the gate is definitely a monumental moment in the history of BSR!

As most of you are aware, the letter sent out in October stated that PIN codes would expire December 15 at 10:00 PM. Many of you have not returned any old, metal keys, yet. Thus, you are entitled to the default, single key card for free. Only a small number of these defaults have been processed so far.

Rest assured, we will not deactivate your PIN code until at least two weeks after we send your physical key device(s) (key card, fob, and/or transmitter). As such, your PIN code will be deactivated December 15 OR two weeks after we send your physical devices, whichever is later.

The next batch of mailings will go into the USPS tomorrow. If you have ordered any paid cards, fobs, or transmitters, and haven’t received them by 12/7, please contact us (preferably by email).

Winter Restrictions Coming Soon

The storm we received at BSR on Saturday just about put us into Winter Restrictions mode for the season. If you don’t have 4-wheel drive, we currently do not recommend going down the hill inside the gate–you’ll likely need the 4-wheel traction to get back out.

Another storm is forecast for Thursday through Friday with a possibility of 1-3 inches of snow on Thursday. If you are planning to spend Thanksgiving at BSR, be sure you take a snow-going vehicle (ATV, snowmobile, snow cat, etc.) with you. It is very likely we will be implementing Winter Restrictions before week’s end.

For more information about Winter Restrictions, please see our Upcoming Winter Restrictions post.