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Help Us Identify a Thief

On Sunday, March 15th, a male in his 20’s walked in to BSR about 6:13 PM, roamed some of the neighborhood, vandalized a cabin on Weber Road, and walked out with his loot about 7:23 PM. If you recognize the person in these photos, please contact us or the Summit County Sheriff’s Office immediately!

During the vandal’s visit, an Association Member with a gate transmitter went through the gate about 7:11 PM in a side-by-side (like a Ranger). If you are that person, we’d like to hear from you. There’s a possibility you may have seen something which can help.

The victims tracked the culprit’s tracks through the snow and found no signs of any other vandalism. A report of the theft–including these images–has been filled with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.


BSR Annual Meeting and Call for Board Candidates

The BSR Annual Meeting is currently scheduled for Monday, May 11, 2020, beginning at 7:00 PM. Meeting location is the same as last year: Murray Library, 166 East 5300 South, Murray, Utah.

Three board positions are open for election. We are seeking candidates for these positions. Please contact us at beaverspringsranchassoc­@­ (must type e-mail address; don’t copy/paste) if you are interested. A short bio (up to 200 words) must be provided by April 10th.

In case the group restrictions currently imposed for COVID-19 are still in effect in May, we are considering ways we can hold the meeting via tele/videoconference.

Cool Springs Late Payments

Message from Nan Kemp, Cool Springs Mutual Water Company:

Today, March 4th, I sent out second invoices with a $25 Late Fee to thirteen of our shareholders. Payment was due by January 31st. If you receive an invoice, please take care of the payment immediately. I have been directed by the Cool Springs Board of Directors to place liens on properties when owners have not paid their yearly assessments by April. Thank you, and please email or call me if you have questions: Nan Kemp, nan.kemp­@­, 801-­448-­9437.

Annual Assessments Now Past Due

As of today, we have many Annual Assessments past due. The due date for payment was March 2nd. If you have not already sent your’s in, please do so immediately to avoid the addition of a late fee of $25 as early as March 17th. Reminders have been sent via email to those whom we have an email for. (If you received a paper invoice in the mail, we’d sure love to get your email!)

To those who have already sent in their payment: Thank you! Please consult your bank records before contacting us if you feel a need to verify payment.

Cost Changes

Effective immediately, the Board has voted to add or change the following costs for all Association members:

  • Transmitters for the gate (the garage door opener devices) are now $35.00 each.
  • A copy of any permit(s) required per Summit County ordinances must be submitted to the Board no later than one week after starting construction. Improvements valued over $10,000 will be assessed a $250 impact fee, and any improvements valued over $30,000 will be assessed an additional $250 (total of $500). This fee is to help offset the additional wear and tear that occurs to our roads and bridge during construction activities.
  • An owner transfer fee of $100 is required for properties held by Association members. This fee has become necessary because most title companies will not notify the Association of ownership transfers unless a check must be sent. Not knowing of ownership transfers has made it very difficult to maintain our billing and gate access.
  • Beginning in 2021, as a token of appreciation for the effort and work our Board must undertake in running the Association, Board Directors will be exempt from the regular Annual Assessment while serving on the Board. Any special assessment will still apply to the Board Directors.