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Snow Leveling 4/25/2019

The high snow pack late into the season has necessitated an unusual bit of road maintenance that will be conducted tomorrow, Thursday, April 25th. When the snow has lingered into Spring and caused treacherous conditions for approved winter-access vehicles, the Board has in the past approved grading of the snow to promote safety, more even melting, and earlier drying of the roads for more timely removal of Winter Restrictions.

Spring 2019 has had plenty of lingering snow and landed squarely in those treacherous conditions. The roads within BSR are currently in a great variety of conditions ranging from dry and ready for vehicles in some areas to covered with mounds of snow in several others. It’s the mounds of snow which pose a problem to approved winter travel. To remedy this, Park City Landscape and Snow Removal will be at BSR tomorrow to attempt to level out the mounds.

Please continue to observe the posted Winter Restrictions. If the leveling being conducted tomorrow is successful and with continued support from the weather, we hope to start lifting the restrictions in the next 2-3 weeks.

Overdue Assessments

We have several Association members who are overdue on their payment of their Annual Assessment. If you have not paid your’s yet, send it ASAP along with an extra $25.00 late fee ($225.00 total). As a reminder, Association members not in good standing (i.e. their assessment fees are delinquent) may have their gate access privileges suspended. Those with a balance due on May 1st will have their gate keys suspended until paid in full. Delinquent payments must be received by April 30th!

If you have any questions regarding the status of your account, please contact us (preferably by e-mail).

Winter Restrictions in Effect

Winter road restrictions are in effect any time the winter restrictions sign is posted on the gate. During winter restrictions, only snow vehicles—such as snowmobiles, snow cats, and ATVs—are permitted on BSR roads. Cars, trucks, and 4-wheel drive vehicles are not permitted until restrictions are lifted.

As a reminder, large trucks and commercial vehicles are typically restricted for an additional 1-3 weeks after the winter restrictions are lifted (depending on weather). This is to prevent costly damage to the still-soft roads.

We are monitoring the weather, the remaining snow, and the road conditions in general with hopes of lifting the restriction some time in April. It is, however, too soon to know when we will be able to lift the restrictions. We have had quite a lot of snow this year—a few more inches total depth than two years ago—but it has come later in the year than previously. It may be into May before it all melts off and dries out enough to allow non-snow vehicles.

Please check back here or on our Facebook page before assuming restrictions have been lifted.

BSR Annual Meeting and Call for Board Candidates

The BSR Annual Meeting will be held Monday, May 13, 2019, beginning at 7:00 PM. Meeting location is the same as last year: Murray Library, 166 East 5300 South, Murray, Utah.

Two board positions are open for election. We are seeking candidates for these positions. Please contact us at beaverspringsranchassoc­@­ (must type e-mail address; don’t copy/paste) if you are interested. A short bio must be provided by April 1st.

Fluffy Snow Access

We’ve been getting plenty of the greatest snow on Earth at BSR lately. If you are planning to visit with a snow vehicle, please make sure it has tracks! Wheeled ATVs have been getting stuck in our fresh, fluffy snow pretty regularly over the past week. Snowmobiles and snow cats are recommended. If you use a tracked ATV, make sure you stay on the roads where the fresh snow is not as deep. Please avoid entering BSR with any wheeled ATVs or UTVs until after we get some warmer days to help re-pack the roads.

Annual Assessments

Annual Assessment Invoices were mailed on January 31st. Please make sure you send your payment to our Oakley PO Box address: PO Box 762, Oakley, UT 84055-0762. Failure to do so could result in the receipt of your payment past the due date and may incur a late fee.

Also note that there was a typo in the return address. The correct ZIP Code is 84055, not “84955” as mistakenly placed in the sender’s address on the invoices. We believe the mail will still be delivered to us properly if you use a full address even if you put “84955,” but it is certainly best to use the proper ZIP Code of 84055.