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Annual HOA Assessments

The BSR Annual HOA assessments are due today, March 1st. Thank you to those who have made timely payments, and tried out our new payment system!

Most bills were sent through email, and for the first time we offered the option to pay directly online with bill payment through QuickBooks. This has worked out wonderfully for our community!

If you have not received your bill, please double check your email, including your spam folder. If there are any issues or concerns please reach out to the Board at .

Water Invoices

Cool Springs Water Company Shareholders – Invoice payments are due January 31, 2021. Thanks to all who have paid already. Late fees will be added the first week in February, so avoid them please by getting your check in the mail this week. If you have questions, please email me at

As a reminder, the address is below:

Cool Springs Mutual Water Company

PO Box 571214

Murray, UT 84157-1214

Weber Canyon Transfer Station & Recycling

Greetings Weber Canyon residents and property owners,
As most of you are aware, the recycle bin in the Weber Canyon transfer station area was removed last year due to inappropriate dumping and misuse of the facilities by a minority of users.  The misuse was egregious enough that the authorities considered shutting down the entire transfer station, but ultimately agreed to remove only the recycle bin. 

Tim Loveday, Summit County Public Works Solid Waste Superintendent, has generously been working to provide and install cameras in the area to help mitigate misuse.  
Toward that end, Summit County is asking anyone who witnesses dumping of inappropriate materials to please report the date, time and any other useful information by calling or email:

Summit County 3-mile landfill 435-336-5297
or Summit County Solid Waste
435-336-3970 or
Tim Loveday:
The recycle bin will be reinstalled – however, the bin and the area must be used correctly.
Some types of dumping are illegal, against Summit County ordinances or simply go against common sense and cost limited Summit County Public Works resources to clean up.  Please see the attachment for guidelines and the following:
– Please do not place any items or refuse on the ground or on top of the dumpsters.
– If the recycle bin is full, please take it to another recycling facility (for example, Recycle Utah has an excellent facility in Park City), or deposit it in one of the trash bins.  You are also welcome to call one of the phone numbers listed above to report full bins.

– Please do not leave any items in the area that you think might be picked up or repurposed by someone else.  Again, Recycle Utah has a place for some of these items- Do not throw any kind of household trash in the recycle bin. 
– Do not throw garbage bags full of recycled material in the recycle bin. Bags that haven’t been opened up and emptied out in to the recycle bin will be rejected.
– Cardboard boxes (broken down) need to be disposed of in the recycle bin.

Summit County has also included dumpster and recycle dumpster violations in their fee schedule – $250 for the first offense, $500 for subsequent offenses. Please see:

We all look forward to having access to the recycle bin again, and having a clean and manageable area.  Summit County needs everyone’s help on this. Please pass this message along to your Association members.
A big THANK YOU to Angela Dohanos, Alicia O’Meara (Weber Canyon residents) and Tim Loveday for your work and efforts getting the recycle bin back! 

Thanks to everyone for all your help in this matter
Stephanie Weems, Board Member, Upper Weber Canyon Property Owners Association

Cool Springs Mutual Water Company 2021 Invoices

Cool Springs Mutual Water Company Shareholders – your 2021 invoices are in the mail. The due date is January 31, 2021. If you have questions on your invoice, or if you have a recent change of address, please contact

Also, if you wish to review Cool Springs news for the year, please check out the post of President Farley Eskelson’s address that was included in your fall mailing. Thank you and Happy Holidays to all. 

Nan Kemp, Treasurer 

River Danger

It was brought to the Board’s attention that children were recently found playing on the ice in the river, without adult supervision. Even with adult supervision, this is a dangerous idea. We would like to remind the community to be aware of what their family and guests are doing. Safety is key to keeping our neighborhood a family friendly sanctuary throughout the year. Please let the board know if you have any other safety reminders you would like to share with the neighborhood.


As our winter season goes full blown, with plenty of snow and the holidays on the horizon. Please remember that residents and guests are only permitted to drive on the roads inside of Beaver Springs. DO NOT drive into neighbor’s yards or open fields. It can cause damage to their property or your vehicle. Often times this behavior has caused people to get stuck and cause more damage. Driving into someone else’s yard is considered trespassing. Please stay on the roads!

Winter Restrictions in Effect, Again

Winter road restrictions are now in effect!! ONLY snow vehicles (snowmobiles, snow cats, ATVs, and the like) are permitted on BSR roads. Cars, trucks, and 4-wheel drive vehicles are not permitted until restrictions are lifted in the Spring.

Restrictions are going back into place after having a few weeks of reduced restrictions. The forecast shows another storm headed to Summit County tomorrow, with 3-5 inches expected. This is on top of a storm we had Monday, which left several inches. We have already had some issues with cars stuck in the neighborhood, so please plan accordingly.

We change to “Winter Road Restrictions” when the snow or ice accumulation is significant enough to make travel on BSR roads hazardous. During winter restrictions, only snow vehicles—such as snowmobiles, snow cats, and ATVs—are permitted past the BSR gate. Cars, trucks, and 4-wheel drive vehicles ARE NOT PERMITED until restrictions are lifted. Even if you see car tracks going past the gate, this does not mean it is okay for you to drive in. This is for everyone’s safety. We’ve had people in the past who disobey the restrictions and end up blocking the road at the bottom of the gated hill.

It is the responsibility of every Association Member to ensure their guests are aware when Winter Restrictions are in effect and what that means. We had a few non-snow vehicles go into BSR last winter by guests. Most required assistance to get out.

Winter Restrictions Temporarily Reduced – REMINDER

On November 17th the Board decided to temporarily reduce winter restrictions. However, we have had a few issues with vehicles causing damage or getting stuck. So here is a friendly reminder before the holiday weekend:
Beaver Springs roads are muddy and soft, but passable. Please Do Not bring in construction vehicles, heavy vehicles trailers or large vehicles of any sort! Please use common sense and avoid steep and soft sections if possible. It would be nice to leave the roads open to passenger vehicles for as long as possible, but if large trucks and construction vehicles continue to damage the roads when they are muddy winter restrictions will have to go back up.

From November 17th:

Beaver Springs had less snow over the weekend than what was forecasted. There is still quite a lot of snow, more than what is usually on the ground this time of year. So, we will temporarily reduce winter restrictions and allow vehicles with 4 wheel drive into Beaver Springs. No cars or large vehicles should enter Beaver Springs.

Many people were surprised by this storm. So, this is a good reminder for all of us to start preparing cabins for Winter early in the Fall because we can never predict the weather.