Gate FAQ

Many questions have been asked since the BSR Board first announced the decision to automate the BSR gate on September 22, 2018. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions and their answers:

Q: How do I use my new key(s)?
A: There is an illuminated key pad on the north post of the gate. Simply wave your key card or fob a few inches in front of the pad. The pad will read the card or fob and begin to open the gate within ten seconds. Transmitters work just like a garage door opener.

Q: Will there be a “winter key” and “summer key”?
A: No. All keys will operate the main gate year-round. The snowmobile gate now has a bullock in front of it and is to remain open to allow foot traffic without the treacherous detour around the side of the gate.

Q: Do I need to use a key to get out?
A: No. Simply pull forward, just out of the reach of the swing of the gate. The magnetic sensor in the road will trigger the opening of the gate for you. We have signs to help drivers locate the sensors and will put them up when the ground thaws.

Q: What happens if there is a power outage?
A: The gate has a battery backup. In the event the power is out long enough to drain the battery, there is a manual override we can use. Please contact Karl Lund or a Board member for assistance (see contact information on the bulletin board by the gate).

Q: I returned one metal key. Why did I not receive two free key cards?
A: We’re hoping it becomes pretty obvious by stating the question this way. As announced in our October 6, 2018 letter, the Board agreed to replace up to five (5) old metal keys per Association member (defined as a property owner who pays one annual assessment). Some members only had one gate key. For these people, the Board decided to allow them to not return their key and we would still provide a key card (i.e. everyone gets at least one free key card). Thus, returning zero (0) or one (1) metal key would get a member one (1) free key card. Return two (2) metal keys, and the member would receive two (2) free key cards. Three (3) returned metal keys: three (3) free key cards. And so on, up to five (5) returned metal keys for five (5) total free key cards. There was no dollar figure assigned to this offer (i.e. no cash value). Thus, you can not exchange metal keys for credit for fobs or transmitters.

Q: Is it too late to exchange my metal keys?
A: Not yet! Though, we’d prefer if you would do so sooner rather than later. The offer to exchange metal keys for free key cards (see details in previous Q&A) expires May 30, 2019. One offer per Association member in good standing (i.e. no outstanding payments due). All exchanges must be in the “Keys” box on the bulletin board at the gate by May 30, 2019, or postmarked by that date if sent in the mail. After May 30, 2019, all key cards must be purchased.

Q: What does a BSR Association gate key which is valid for the exchange look like?
A: Keys valid for the exchange have a number which starts with a ‘S’ (for summer) or ‘W’ (for winter) as circled in green in the picture below. Outdated BSR gate keys, Beaver Springs Rental keys, or others do not qualify for the metal key exchange. The key must have worked in the BSR Association gate in 2017-2018. Examples of invalid keys are shown with a red ‘X’ in the following picture (click to enlarge). key-samples
What about that orange question mark? Good question! Many keys have a number on both sides of the key. The orange question mark key is stamped “E108.” The number on the reverse side of the key also started with an ‘E’. The ‘E’ stands for “East” to indicate the East gate of Beaver Springs Rental. Since the key does not have a number starting with ‘S’ or ‘W’, it is not a valid BSR Association gate key.

Q: How do I turn in my metal keys?
A: You may place your metal keys in an envelope, put your name on the envelope, and drop them in the “Keys” box on the bulletin board at the gate. Or, you may mail your metal keys to our address: PO Box 762, Oakley, UT 84055-0762. If you are mailing your keys, please be advised that a padded envelope is necessary along with at least $3.50 in postage to cover the parcel cost. The image below is what happens if you try to send your keys in a regular envelope: the keys were lost, the check unusable, and the postage was insufficient. Please check with a USPS postal employee at the counter to ensure you have proper postage and packaging. As of January 1, 2019, any mailings received with postage due will be returned to sender.

Q: I sent in my keys or ordered additional keys (cards, fobs, and/or transmitters) but haven’t received anything back, yet. How long does it take?
A: Please allow 2-4 weeks for us to process your exchange or order. When ordering fobs, transmitters, or additional key cards, please remember to enclose a check (made out to Beaver Springs Ranch Association), your name, address to mail your order to, your lot number, and what it is you are ordering (i.e. which key devices and how many).

Q: Can I have more than five keys?
A: Yes! Since we are now able to track keys by member and deactivate individual keys, we no longer need the five key limit.

Q: What should I do if I lose a key?
A: Please, keep record of your key numbers (the number printed on the card, fob, or transmitter). If you lose one or have it stolen, please notify the BSR Board as soon as possible (see our Contacts page). We can mark the key as lost or stolen so it cannot be used for unapproved access to our community. If you happen to find your lost or stolen key later, let us know so we can re-activate it for you.

Q: Can emergency services (fire/police) get through the gate?
A: Yes, South Summit County Fire and Summit County Sheriffs have been given key cards and a PIN code. One of the key cards is kept in the lock-box on the gate which only emergency services have keys to. In addition, the gate is equipped with an S.O.S. Siren system. With this system, emergency services can simply sound their “Yelp” siren to open the gate.

Got a question not answered above? Please contact us (via email, preferably).

HOA of Beaver Springs Ranch, Oakley, UT

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