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Gate Troubles

Currently the gate is not working properly. We have contacted the vendor and are waiting for them either to send someone to fix it or troubleshoot the issue. At this time, the gate will be locked open. Please do not try to close it. Hopefully we will have this issue resolved in the next couple of days.

Roads Open to 4Wheel Drive Vehicles ONLY

The roads are currently open to 4wheel drive vehicles ONLY. Most of the roads were scraped this month by Karl Lund, which allowed for an equal distribution of melting snow and a reduced the amount of road damage from run off.

Colter, Morehouse and Hoback still have a few snow covered areas. And, some roads still have some mud. Please do not recreate on the roads, only use them for access in and out of the Ranch.

We hope to open the roads fully, depending on weather, soon.

Transmitter Batteries

If you use transmitters to get into the BSR gate, please be aware that their battery life is not infinite. If you have trouble with your transmitters please replace the batteries before you contact the Board. This will help with some troubleshooting.