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Boil Water in effect until Monday, August 2nd at 9:00 p.m.

Dear Beaver Springs Residents:
On Sunday, August 1st several cabins ran out of water. Members of the water board were notified and determined there had been damage at the pump house due to lightening. The damage resulted in no water being pumped to the mid-mountain tank or to homes. When we realized the damage caused, we immediately switched the water source to the upper tank which is fed from the spring. Typically, we will test spring water prior to filling the tank, or allowing residents to use the water. Spring water is good water, and out of an abundance of caution we are
asking all residents to boil their water, or drink bottled water until 9:00 pm on Monday, August 2nd. This will allow us time to collect a water sample, have it tested, and refill mid-mountain water tank, which will restore our original water source.
Thank you for your cooperation and patience, if you have any questions or concerns don’t hesitate to reach out to anyone on the water board.

Spring Reminder from the water Board

Fellow Beaver Springs Ranchers:

Spring is upon us and our sparse snow cover is beginning to melt. Governor Cox has already declared a state of DROUGHT EMERGENCY requesting Utahns begin water conservation early to stretch our limited water as far as possible. We, too, could face water shortages, even in spite of our previously planned upgrades to the spring, our main water source. We encourage each of you to begin water conservation measures at this point and to avoid any outside watering.

One potential consequence of a low snowpack is the reduced insulation to the ground that a deep layer of snow provides. One of our full-time resident families already has experienced a frozen water main. As the snow melts please be on the lookout for any unusual water seepage that might represent a leak. This could occur in our water mains – but that is improbable as our lines are buried 5 ft below the road surface and have been replaced with modern plastic materials over time. More likely is a fracture in older metal lines between the water mains and your homes – or within your cabins as water is turned back on when you “unwinterized”. Such a leak can drain our water storage tanks within a short span of days, at which point we will have to resort to pumping from the well – a very costly expense.

Please conserve our precious water and report any suspicious ground water to one of the elected members of your water board or homeowner’s association board.

Thanks, and enjoy our wonderful surroundings this spring and summer! 

Cool Springs Mutual Water Association board members

Water Invoices

Cool Springs Water Company Shareholders – Invoice payments are due January 31, 2021. Thanks to all who have paid already. Late fees will be added the first week in February, so avoid them please by getting your check in the mail this week. If you have questions, please email me at

As a reminder, the address is below:

Cool Springs Mutual Water Company

PO Box 571214

Murray, UT 84157-1214

Cool Springs Mutual Water Company 2021 Invoices

Cool Springs Mutual Water Company Shareholders – your 2021 invoices are in the mail. The due date is January 31, 2021. If you have questions on your invoice, or if you have a recent change of address, please contact

Also, if you wish to review Cool Springs news for the year, please check out the post of President Farley Eskelson’s address that was included in your fall mailing. Thank you and Happy Holidays to all. 

Nan Kemp, Treasurer 

Cool Springs Mutual Water Company has the results of the recent election.

What, you didn’t vote? We know, the return rate for ballots was 33% . While that is not bad, it is not great either.

The Board decided to expand to its original seven members, as a result, the volunteers with the next two highest number of votes in the last two elections were asked to join the Board.

All that said, here are the results:

Farley Eskelsen will remain President of the Cool Springs Mutual Water Company
Lee Burke has accepted a position as a member on the Board
Karl Lund has accepted a position as a member on the Board

Thank you all for your continued support and engagement.

Cool Springs Water Company Project

The Cool Springs Water Company will be doing maintenance on your water system starting Tuesday, September 15 through Friday, September 18.  Smith and Morehouse, Ogden and possibly Jim Bridger Roads will be affected throughout the project.  On Wednesday, September 16 th , Ogden Road will be closed during the morning hours, and Thursday through Friday, September 17 and 18 expect a partial or full closure of Smith and Morehouse Road. This is a carryover from work started last year.  

We are completing the tie-in of the waterline from the north side of Smith and Morehouse Road (private property), under the Weber River on the south side, down Smith and Morehouse Road to the newly placed vault.  Back under the river to the north side to another newly placed vault, to the waterline on Ogden Road and back up to the blue stake visible between Ogden and Weber Road.  

The Water Company appreciates your patience as we complete this work. Please understand this is one more step in replacing 60-year-old water pipes, lines, and other structures, we are committed to
keeping your water system clean and safe.