Gate Upgrade Complete

The upgrade of the BSR gate is complete and ready for operation. On Saturday, November 10, we will activate the gate. As such, starting November 10, you will need a PIN, key card, fob, or transmitter to open the gate. If you have lost or not received your PIN (see sample letter) and need to get through the BSR gate in the next few weeks, please contact us (preferably by email).

Please allow the gate to fully open before driving through and stop your car clear of the gate on the other side after pulling through until it is fully closed. No tailgating! If you do, there’s a good chance the gate will bump into your car as you try to slip through.

To exit BSR, simply pull up to the sensor in the road just outside the gate’s reach and the gate will open for you. No key necessary to exit.

PINs can be entered on the keypad (shown in the photo above). Key cards and fobs (once distributed) should be swiped in front of the keypad.

We will be mailing key cards, fobs, and transmitters within the next few weeks.