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Construction Impact Fee Reminder

As of February 2020, the Board created a new fee schedule for construction projects. These fees will go towards bridge and road maintenance costs, as construction can create a lot of wear and tear on our roads.

It would be best if residents reached out to the Board, via phone or email, prior to starting construction. The steps for assessing fees are as follows:

  • Obtain a permit from Summit County
  • Provide the Board with a copy of the permit, no later than one week after starting construction
  • After the Board receives the permit, an invoice will be sent to you

The fees are as follows:

  • Construction valued over $10,000 will be assessed a $250 impact fee
  • Construction valued over $30,000 (or new construction) will be assessed a $500 impact fee

Annual Assessments Now Past Due

As of today, we have many Annual Assessments past due. The due date for payment was March 2nd. If you have not already sent your’s in, please do so immediately to avoid the addition of a late fee of $25 as early as March 17th. Reminders have been sent via email to those whom we have an email for. (If you received a paper invoice in the mail, we’d sure love to get your email!)

To those who have already sent in their payment: Thank you! Please consult your bank records before contacting us if you feel a need to verify payment.

Cost Changes

Effective immediately, the Board has voted to add or change the following costs for all Association members:

  • Transmitters for the gate (the garage door opener devices) are now $35.00 each.
  • A copy of any permit(s) required per Summit County ordinances must be submitted to the Board no later than one week after starting construction. Improvements valued over $10,000 will be assessed a $250 impact fee, and any improvements valued over $30,000 will be assessed an additional $250 (total of $500). This fee is to help offset the additional wear and tear that occurs to our roads and bridge during construction activities.
  • An owner transfer fee of $100 is required for properties held by Association members. This fee has become necessary because most title companies will not notify the Association of ownership transfers unless a check must be sent. Not knowing of ownership transfers has made it very difficult to maintain our billing and gate access.
  • Beginning in 2021, as a token of appreciation for the effort and work our Board must undertake in running the Association, Board Directors will be exempt from the regular Annual Assessment while serving on the Board. Any special assessment will still apply to the Board Directors.

2020 Annual Assessments and President’s Report

The 2020 Annual Assessments for Beaver Springs Ranch Association (BSRA) have all been sent out as of today. Many were sent via email this year thanks to the many Members who provided their email addresses. If you have not received it by email and provided your email address, please check your spam folder or other mail folders before contacting us. Otherwise, keep an eye on your mailbox this week.

When using your bank’s bill pay service, please note that the bank will withdraw your payment as soon as they print the check. It has nothing to do with BSRA receiving or cashing the check. Some bill pay services allow you to be notified when the check is cashed. Also, make sure your delivery address is updated to our current Post Office Box: PO Box 762, Oakley, UT 84055-0762. Please consult with your bank for assistance with bill pay.

We will send reminders via email to those Association members whom we have not yet received payment from as the due date draws nigh. We are not able to respond to payment receipt verification requests until after the reminders have been sent.

Finally, here is the 2020 President’s Annual Report which includes the 2019 Annual Meeting minutes and 2019 Budget report. We will send out information for the 2020 Annual Meeting in the next few months.

Overdue Assessments

We have several Association members who are overdue on their payment of their Annual Assessment. If you have not paid your’s yet, send it ASAP along with an extra $25.00 late fee ($225.00 total). As a reminder, Association members not in good standing (i.e. their assessment fees are delinquent) may have their gate access privileges suspended. Those with a balance due on May 1st will have their gate keys suspended until paid in full. Delinquent payments must be received by April 30th!

Please note: We are not denying access to personal property. Just usage of the gate and roads which are paid for by the HOA assessments. You are always welcome to walk in.

If you have any questions regarding the status of your account, please contact us (preferably by e-mail).

Annual Assessments

Annual Assessment Invoices were mailed on January 31st. Please make sure you send your payment to our Oakley PO Box address: PO Box 762, Oakley, UT 84055-0762. Failure to do so could result in the receipt of your payment past the due date and may incur a late fee.

Also note that there was a typo in the return address. The correct ZIP Code is 84055, not “84955” as mistakenly placed in the sender’s address on the invoices. We believe the mail will still be delivered to us properly if you use a full address even if you put “84955,” but it is certainly best to use the proper ZIP Code of 84055.