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2020 ANnual Meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting Minutes from the first BSR digital meeting held in May of 2020. Below are a copy of the minutes, and a link to the video to review the meeting. To approve the minutes please use the ballot that will be sent to you through email or mail.

Ballots are being e-mailed (via a survey from SurveyMonkey) this week to those who have e-mail addresses on record with the Association. Paper ballots are being mailed to those whom we do not have an e-mail address. Please follow the instructions given in your ballot to vote. Only one ballot per Association Member.

WIFI Now Available at the Gate and BSR Rentals

The BSR HOA Board and the BSR Rental Group have joined forces to provide WIFI at the gate and rental garages/parking lot. This will be a wonderful amenity for our residents, as many of us have been stuck at the gate without service before.

The WIFI is listed as BSRR with the code of 12345678.

In the future the passcode for the parking lot will be sent out in email to renters.

If you have questions about the BSR Rentals please contact Karl Lund or Alicia O’Meara at:


Cell Phone: 435-602-9103 Karl or Alicia 407-716-1300

 Cabin Landline: 435-783-7770

As a reminder, the BSR rentals are a separate entity from the BSR HOA Board. We are just using the website to share information.

Fall President’s Letter 2020

Dear Beaver Springs Ranch Community,

Another summer is in the books! A huge thank you to everyone for making BSR a safe and enjoyable respite during a troubling year. I would especially like to thank Mike Jones for his assistance with wood chipping, Dennis Anderson for trimming branches; and Bill Kamp, Dave Williams, Drue Bunting and all the other volunteers who got the bridge into a useable condition.

About that bridge… As you are certain to have noticed, our beloved bridge is in need of an overhaul. I am writing today to ask for your support as we embark on a fund-raising effort to refresh our bridge and conduct more significant road improvements in the coming years. I know that no one likes to see fees increased, which is why the BSR Board has fought hard to keep our annual assessments low. However, in order to maintain our beautiful shared spaces in a safe and enjoyable condition we have unanimously agreed to increase the HOA fees by $100 annually, effective immediately. This will facilitate much needed infrastructure improvements, while still keeping the BSR budget bare-bones. Because of the increase, the Board has agreed that each Board member will also pay the same amount of dues as each of you- even though fees had been waived for Board members as a “thank you” for their many hours of volunteer time.

The Board would also ask that you consider making an additional, voluntary, donation to the association. Any extra funds we collect in this manner will be used to make aesthetic improvements to our infrastructure or to allow for faster solutions to non-critical problems. For instance, we could afford to raise the road bed in some spots that are low and wet during the spring or we might be able to repair potholes more than once a year. The Board gets a lot of great suggestions for repairs and improvements that we simply don’t have the funds to complete. For those of you interested in making such a gift, you may simply increase the amount of your annual fee payment or provide a separate payment to our treasurer Alicia O’Meara any time. If such a gift is not in the cards this year, we ask that you remember us in the future. Bear in mind that your voluntary gift today will help keep mandatory fees low in the future for both yourself and your neighbors.

As fall approaches, I ask that we continue to be safe with fire and think about how you and your family will help prevent wildfires and how you would react should one spark anywhere in the upper Weber Canyon. As part of that, I would like to thank BSR Board members Alicia O’Meara and Angela Arreche-Dohanos for working with the county to get improved street names and addresses for everyone. These improved addresses will allow first responders to react more quickly should an emergency arise on the mountain.

Remember to wave to everyone you pass and to keep vehicle speeds low. Have a great fall and SEE YOU ON THE MOUNTAIN!

-Jess Hofberger
President, Beaver Springs Ranch Association

Letter of Support for the County Wood Chipping Program

Unfortunately, Summit County might not continue to fund the community wood chipping program. We have been asked by Mike Jones to send emails in support of the program to hopefully change their minds. Please also thank them for the work they did at Beaver Springs this year.

Also, encourage them to purchase a larger wood chipper, like the one used this year. It was borrowed from DNR, and made the process much more efficient. Hopefully the County Commission will listen to community members who write in.

If possible please send an email to JJ Wallace at, he is the assistant Fire Marshal for Summit County.

Cool Springs Mutual Annual Meeting Update

From the Water Board: Our yearly meeting will be cancelled this year. It will be replaced by an informational letter, and a mail-in ballot.

We have one Board Member whose position expires this fall, Farley Eskelson’s. Farley has chosen to seek re-election, so his name will appear on the ballot. Any shareholders who would also like to run for this position need to submit a request to be included on the ballot, and a one paragraph biography to Nan Kemp ( by September 20th.

This mailing will be sent out at the end of September. The mail-in ballots will be the only way shareholders can vote this year. Ballots need to be received by October 18th, and the results of the election will be posted on the Beaver Springs Ranch Association website on October 20th.

If you have a neighbor or friend at BSR who is not likely to view this announcement, please share this information with him/her. Your Board Members are working to keep communication as normal as possible: that means shareholders receive an annual report on water system maintenance and projects, that all shareholders are invited to run for the open position on the Board, and that all shareholders have had the opportunity to vote in this year’s election.