Cool Springs Mutual Annual Meeting Update

From the Water Board: Our yearly meeting will be cancelled this year. It will be replaced by an informational letter, and a mail-in ballot.

We have one Board Member whose position expires this fall, Farley Eskelson’s. Farley has chosen to seek re-election, so his name will appear on the ballot. Any shareholders who would also like to run for this position need to submit a request to be included on the ballot, and a one paragraph biography to Nan Kemp ( by September 20th.

This mailing will be sent out at the end of September. The mail-in ballots will be the only way shareholders can vote this year. Ballots need to be received by October 18th, and the results of the election will be posted on the Beaver Springs Ranch Association website on October 20th.

If you have a neighbor or friend at BSR who is not likely to view this announcement, please share this information with him/her. Your Board Members are working to keep communication as normal as possible: that means shareholders receive an annual report on water system maintenance and projects, that all shareholders are invited to run for the open position on the Board, and that all shareholders have had the opportunity to vote in this year’s election.