Update on Wood Chipping 2020

The process of wood chipping has changed some since Summit County has taken it over. They are now ALLOWING volunteers to help their crew. Community Volunteers could make the process go a lot faster, ensuring more piles will get chipped!

Our wonderful resident, Mike Jones, worked with the County Crew last week. Unfortunately, the chipper broke, and they didn’t get through as many piles as hoped. Over the next week the chipper is getting repaired. The County has agreed to return on August 29th and September 4th-5th. The starting time is not set in stone, but is usually around 8:30 AM -9 AM.

If you would like to help volunteer for a few hours on the days listed please contact Mike at 702-858-2693. He is happy to help coordinate volunteers. Volunteers must have eye protection (at least sunglasses) and ear protection (ear plugs), and should wear gloves. Volunteer hours CAN be counted on In-Kind forms. If you are available and can give a few hours of your weekend to help the community it would be greatly appreciated!

As a reminder: This service helps us ensure the reduction of fire hazards by chipping wood piles that have been prepared through our cleanup work. The crews will complete as many piles as time allows.

Remember, only piles that have been properly stacked will be chipped. Stacks must be near the road or your driveway. Do not extend stacks into the borrow ditches or BSR roads so as to not hinder traffic or any necessary road work. Wood must be stacked in parallel formation. Do not cut logs into short pieces. Longer logs allow for more efficient work and cleanup. Stacking similar diameter pieces together will also help the crew be more efficient. Chippings will be left near your pile.

The picture shows how the wood needs to be stacked: larger diameter end facing the road for easy access and handling.  If not properly stacked, the crews may bypass your property. Now is a good time to begin if you have not already started cleaning your property and stacking wood in preparation for the chipping project. Don’t forget to file a NFP In-Kind Form.