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Cool Springs Mutual Water Company Voting

Cool Spring Mutual Water Company will send the 2022 ballot/vote for the Water Board to all eligible
homeowners on Wednesday, September 28, 2022. 
There are two candidates who are interested in being elected to the Board of Directors. We have included
the biographical information they provided with the ballot, and we have included this information here as
This year, as discussed, we are conducting the voting via a secure electronic vote. With the assistance of
Angela Arreche-Dohanas, we have prepared the “vote” and here are the rules that apply:

  1. Voting will start on September 28, 2022, and continue until October 9, 2022, at 12:00 pm. 
  2. You will be allowed to vote only once per water share, or one vote per email. If you own more than one lot, you will receive an second email.
  3. Since we do have three openings and only two candidates, you are encouraged to use the “write-in” field.
  4. Results of the vote will be presented at the Cool Spring Mutual Water Company meeting on October 22, 2022.

Thank you and Happy Voting!!!

PS: We have had no requests for a hard copy ballot, if this is something you or someone you know may need, please let me know asap. 

Debbi Fugal

Bio information for candidates for Cool Springs Mutual Water Company board member:

Jay Judkin
I am currently on the cool springs water board i have served on the board for 4 years doing the water testing and sampling. My wife Diane and I have been a Beaver Springs Resident since 2014.

I would appreciate your vote to remain on the board.
Jay Judkin

Dayne Raff
The Raff family enjoyed a cabin on Escalante for 13 years before purchasing the Stevenson’s home in 2019. Dayne and Sally made the leap of faith when they sold their home in Lehi and moved to BSR
fulltime in June of 2021. We love living on the mountain with all that entails and are here to stay!

Dayne has enjoyed various positions in Management and Finance in corporate America throughout his career. Seeking a change of pace, he now delivers concrete for Jack B Parson.

We know water is the life blood of the mountain. We are deeply indebted to the board and the visionary people of the last generation who installed one of the best water systems on the mountain! We are uniquely blessed to have the water we have. Let’s all do our part to ensure the future of this precious resource.

UPDATE – Roads Open to All Vehicles

The roads are now open to all vehicles.

Most areas are completely dry, there are still some muddy spots. Continue to watch the weather reports, we are expecting some snow today.

Please be aware of the speed limit and encourage all guests to be respectful of it.

We will make an announcement when road work will begin.

Culvert Maintenance

Over the last few months Karl Lund and Dave Williams have worked throughout the community to repair and clean out many culverts. A company was hired to blowout the culverts that were extremely full. Keeping the culverts clear will help with road maintenance overall and provide drainage for the runoff in the Spring. If you have a culvert at the end of your driveway, please make sure it is always clear and in working order.

The next step in this project is to make sure that culverts are extended in a few places. Escalante Loop, Coulter and down by the corral on Jim Bridger are areas where the road narrows over a culvert. Please be cautious and courteous when driving through these narrow areas.

As long as the weather cooperates work on this large project will continue. If you are interested in volunteering your time to help, please contact the Board or Karl Lund. Thanks to Karl and Dave for making it their mission to keep our roads safe and well maintained!

Once again, winter has arrived at Beaver Springs

We’re on “borrowed time” now as far as good weather is concerned. A couple good snowstorms could easily require putting winter restrictions in place with very little notice. We have already had three big and early snow storms this October.

Cabins should now be winterized. If you haven’t yet, please do so ASAP! To help with any potential issues, it is a good idea to shut off your water at the roadside valve marked by the blue-tipped T-post.

With the pending snow storms, winter gate restrictions will be imposed when warranted by road conditions. Once imposed, the winter restrictions sign will be posted on the gate and only snow vehicles will be permitted on BSR roads. Cars, trucks, and 4-wheel drive vehicles will not be permitted until restrictions are lifted in the Spring.

Please keep updated by following this website or our Facebook page.

Gate Malfunction

We have had some reports of the gate closing too quickly, or at the wrong time. We have made a call to our gate vendor, and they will hopefully be here on Friday to diagnose the issue. In the meantime, please be aware of what the gate is doing, and watch for issues with it closing. It is best to NOT follow someone in or out – this seems to be when the malfunction is happening. It is also best to stay in the middle of the road, this is where the loops are to signal the gate to stay open. Going to the side of the road closest to the bulletin board is not recommended.

In addition, please be patient and courteous when going through the gate as the same time as neighbors.

2020 ANnual Meeting Minutes

The Annual Meeting Minutes from the first BSR digital meeting held in May of 2020. Below are a copy of the minutes, and a link to the video to review the meeting. To approve the minutes please use the ballot that will be sent to you through email or mail.

Ballots are being e-mailed (via a survey from SurveyMonkey) this week to those who have e-mail addresses on record with the Association. Paper ballots are being mailed to those whom we do not have an e-mail address. Please follow the instructions given in your ballot to vote. Only one ballot per Association Member.

Cool Springs Mutual Water Company 2021 Invoices

Cool Springs Mutual Water Company Shareholders – your 2021 invoices are in the mail. The due date is January 31, 2021. If you have questions on your invoice, or if you have a recent change of address, please contact

Also, if you wish to review Cool Springs news for the year, please check out the post of President Farley Eskelson’s address that was included in your fall mailing. Thank you and Happy Holidays to all. 

Nan Kemp, Treasurer 

WIFI Now Available at the Gate and BSR Rentals

The BSR HOA Board and the BSR Rental Group have joined forces to provide WIFI at the gate and rental garages/parking lot. This will be a wonderful amenity for our residents, as many of us have been stuck at the gate without service before.

The WIFI is listed as BSRR with the code of 12345678.

In the future the passcode for the parking lot will be sent out in email to renters.

If you have questions about the BSR Rentals please contact Karl Lund or Alicia O’Meara at:


Cell Phone: 435-602-9103 Karl or Alicia 407-716-1300

 Cabin Landline: 435-783-7770

As a reminder, the BSR rentals are a separate entity from the BSR HOA Board. We are just using the website to share information.

Beaver Springs Rental Information

Hello everyone! It’s that time of year again to renew your contract for parking at the Beaver Spring Ranch Rental’s parking lots. There are some changes in pricing and policies so please read your contracts carefully so that you choose the most appropriate parking permit for your situation. Also, this year we will be installing some security cameras and Wi-Fi network as well as creating a long-term parking zone for vehicles remaining parked in one spot for more than 10 days at a time.

We hope to alleviate some of the plowing issues that we have had with permanently parked vehicles and trailers for the past few winters. Please read and fill out the attached contract carefully and feel free to call us with any questions or concerns you might have. We will be holding a meet and greet in the parking lot to pass out keys, collect checks and collect contracts November 7th 10am to 2pm.  As always, we appreciate all of your cooperation with parking in the most orderly and efficient manner possible. 

The key to the seasonal gate (East Gate) of Beaver Springs Rentals’ facility will be changed Nov. 7th, 2020. If you would like to lease space in that facility for the upcoming season, please fill out the attached lease agreement. If you can’t make that weekend please contact me to make arrangements to pick up new keys and drop off your new lease agreement with check. You can email me a signed contract to expedite the transaction at the parking lot.

Also, I can meet with you on the Mountain or you can send a check with a contract and we will mail you a key, whichever works best for you. My contact information is:


            Cell Phone: 435-602-9103 Karl or Alicia 407-716-1300

            Cabin Landline: 435-783-7770

Email or a text to my cell phone is the best way to contact me.

                                                                Karl Lund / Alicia O’Meara


                                     Beaver Springs Rentals

Cool Springs Mutual Annual Meeting Update

From the Water Board: Our yearly meeting will be cancelled this year. It will be replaced by an informational letter, and a mail-in ballot.

We have one Board Member whose position expires this fall, Farley Eskelson’s. Farley has chosen to seek re-election, so his name will appear on the ballot. Any shareholders who would also like to run for this position need to submit a request to be included on the ballot, and a one paragraph biography to Nan Kemp ( by September 20th.

This mailing will be sent out at the end of September. The mail-in ballots will be the only way shareholders can vote this year. Ballots need to be received by October 18th, and the results of the election will be posted on the Beaver Springs Ranch Association website on October 20th.

If you have a neighbor or friend at BSR who is not likely to view this announcement, please share this information with him/her. Your Board Members are working to keep communication as normal as possible: that means shareholders receive an annual report on water system maintenance and projects, that all shareholders are invited to run for the open position on the Board, and that all shareholders have had the opportunity to vote in this year’s election.