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100 Mile Meal: Recycle Utah Fundrasier

On August 6th, 2022, for the 7th year in a row, Alicia O’Meara will be hosting Recycle Utah’s largest non-profit fundraiser, 100 Mile Meal, on her property. There will be visitors on the mountain from 5:00 pm until 8:00 pm. Someone will be shuttling visitors from the gate to the event, so the gate will NOT be left opened. Please be patient with the extra traffic created by this great event.

If you are interested in learning more about this event, please see the video below or check out their website at:


Optional Community Directory

As mentioned, the Board is attempting to create an OPTIONAL community directory of all residents. Below is a link to fill out the form.

Please only fill it out if you wish to be included in the directory. We have learned that other communities use similar directories as a way to communicate in emergencies and help protect pets in the case of a fire. 
This directory WILL NOT be posted on our website or social media. It will be emailed out to residents, and everyone is expected to respect our neighbor’s privacy and not share this information with others. If you are not comfortable with this, please do not feel pressured to participate. 

Please let us know if you have any questions. Again, this is voluntary – you are NOT required to be included. If you wish to participate please do so by 11/1/21.

Dead Carcass Removal

For any resident who has an issue with a dead carcass on their property, please see the information below.

When homeowners discover a dead animal (deer, elk, moose) on their property they should call the Utah Division of Wildlife (DWR) Northern Region main office (801) 476-2740. If needed callers can leave a message stating the address of the carcass and species, as well as their name and number. A DWR technician will get in touch with the caller as soon as possible and discuss removal options. 
One thing to note: if an animal is not easily accessible (close to the road, can’t be reached by tow cable) or too large to drag DWR oftentimes won’t be able to get it out. If it is determined that it can be removed DWR technicians are equipped with trucks and winches as well as a dump trailer for larger animals. Please understand that DWR will do everything they can to respond as soon as possible to remove the carcass but it may take 3-5 days. 
If other questions arise please feel free to call the Northern Region office (801) 476-2740

Thanks to all the residents who helped with the dead moose problem – we hate to see a loss of life in a favorite species. Always feel free to contact the Board with any questions or concerns.

ATV Accident at BSR

Today there was an ATV accident on Mud Hill/Mckenzie. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were injured and their family members.

While we don’t know the exact cause of this accident, it is an important reminder for all residents to slow down, be cautious of blind turns, and wear proper safety gear when riding recreational vehicles.

At this time, we are not sure of the extent of injuries suffered or who was injured. If you are family or friends of the injured, please know we will continue to keep you all in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

Weber Canyon Transfer Station & Recycling

Greetings Weber Canyon residents and property owners,
As most of you are aware, the recycle bin in the Weber Canyon transfer station area was removed last year due to inappropriate dumping and misuse of the facilities by a minority of users.  The misuse was egregious enough that the authorities considered shutting down the entire transfer station, but ultimately agreed to remove only the recycle bin. 

Tim Loveday, Summit County Public Works Solid Waste Superintendent, has generously been working to provide and install cameras in the area to help mitigate misuse.  
Toward that end, Summit County is asking anyone who witnesses dumping of inappropriate materials to please report the date, time and any other useful information by calling or email:

Summit County 3-mile landfill 435-336-5297
or Summit County Solid Waste
435-336-3970 or
Tim Loveday:
The recycle bin will be reinstalled – however, the bin and the area must be used correctly.
Some types of dumping are illegal, against Summit County ordinances or simply go against common sense and cost limited Summit County Public Works resources to clean up.  Please see the attachment for guidelines and the following:
– Please do not place any items or refuse on the ground or on top of the dumpsters.
– If the recycle bin is full, please take it to another recycling facility (for example, Recycle Utah has an excellent facility in Park City), or deposit it in one of the trash bins.  You are also welcome to call one of the phone numbers listed above to report full bins.

– Please do not leave any items in the area that you think might be picked up or repurposed by someone else.  Again, Recycle Utah has a place for some of these items- Do not throw any kind of household trash in the recycle bin. 
– Do not throw garbage bags full of recycled material in the recycle bin. Bags that haven’t been opened up and emptied out in to the recycle bin will be rejected.
– Cardboard boxes (broken down) need to be disposed of in the recycle bin.

Summit County has also included dumpster and recycle dumpster violations in their fee schedule – $250 for the first offense, $500 for subsequent offenses. Please see:

We all look forward to having access to the recycle bin again, and having a clean and manageable area.  Summit County needs everyone’s help on this. Please pass this message along to your Association members.
A big THANK YOU to Angela Dohanos, Alicia O’Meara (Weber Canyon residents) and Tim Loveday for your work and efforts getting the recycle bin back! 

Thanks to everyone for all your help in this matter
Stephanie Weems, Board Member, Upper Weber Canyon Property Owners Association

In-Canyon Mail Service and Package Delivery

The Upper Weber Canyon Property Owners Association (UWCPOA) has secured a site from the county next to our canyon’s trash transfer station and Josh Hollingshead (with UWCPOA) is working with excavation and concrete companies to secure a bid. He is in need of help to start identifying people who work in trades (electrician, framing, heavy machinery, etc) who could volunteer some work or materials as the budget is very tight.  Anyone who could help in that regard is invited to contact Debbi Fugal (; 435-640-0376).

Help Us Identify a Thief

On Sunday, March 15th, a male in his 20’s walked in to BSR about 6:13 PM, roamed some of the neighborhood, vandalized a cabin on Weber Road, and walked out with his loot about 7:23 PM. If you recognize the person in these photos, please contact us or the Summit County Sheriff’s Office immediately!

During the vandal’s visit, an Association Member with a gate transmitter went through the gate about 7:11 PM in a side-by-side (like a Ranger). If you are that person, we’d like to hear from you. There’s a possibility you may have seen something which can help.

The victims tracked the culprit’s tracks through the snow and found no signs of any other vandalism. A report of the theft–including these images–has been filled with the Summit County Sheriff’s Office.


Attention Snowmobilers

A reminder that if you are travelling off the roads at BSR, you are trespassing unless you are on your own property.

We are seeing a lot of tracks crossing the edges of properties and some cutting entirely through properties for a little powder joy. This damages young aspens struggling to grow and replace our dying mature trees. Our trees our struggling enough without snowmobiles driving over them. Stay on the roads!

Just a few days ago, we also had a few joyriders decide to traverse the hillside above Little Dipper (photo below). One of them got in quite a pickle. Took he and several of his friends over an hour to get the machine unstuck. The group barely managed to get going before it got dark. This group was clearly trespassing.