Dead Carcass Removal

For any resident who has an issue with a dead carcass on their property, please see the information below.

When homeowners discover a dead animal (deer, elk, moose) on their property they should call the Utah Division of Wildlife (DWR) Northern Region main office (801) 476-2740. If needed callers can leave a message stating the address of the carcass and species, as well as their name and number. A DWR technician will get in touch with the caller as soon as possible and discuss removal options. 
One thing to note: if an animal is not easily accessible (close to the road, can’t be reached by tow cable) or too large to drag DWR oftentimes won’t be able to get it out. If it is determined that it can be removed DWR technicians are equipped with trucks and winches as well as a dump trailer for larger animals. Please understand that DWR will do everything they can to respond as soon as possible to remove the carcass but it may take 3-5 days. 
If other questions arise please feel free to call the Northern Region office (801) 476-2740

Thanks to all the residents who helped with the dead moose problem – we hate to see a loss of life in a favorite species. Always feel free to contact the Board with any questions or concerns.