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Winter Road Restrictions Lifted

The Winter Road Restrictions are now lifted. Spring has arrived!

Thanks to Karl Lund for spending two days scrapping most of the roads. And, thanks to Park City Snow CAT service for lending us the CAT. This helped speed up the drying process tremendously! Even Mud Hill is already dry!

Please use caution as there are still some muddy areas, especially on Morehouse, Weber, Coulter, and our newly named Escalante Loop. It is recommended that recreational driving is limited at this time. Also, large construction or propane vehicles will still be prohibited for the time being.

There is some light rain and snow expected over the next few days, please plan accordingly.

2021 Board of Directors Nominee Information

There are two (2) positions on the Board of Directors to be filled in 2021. Ballots are being e-mailed (via a survey from SurveyMonkey) this week to those who have e-mail addresses on record with the Association. Paper ballots are being mailed to those whom we do not have an e-mail address. Please follow the instructions given in your ballot to vote. Only one ballot per Association Member.

Below is information on the 2021 Board of Directors Nominees:

Drue Bunting

Drue & Colleen and their children have been coming to Upper Weber Canyon for the last 43 years. Drue’s family has a cabin at Pines Ranch. Drue Helped his Dad for many years while his Dad served as Secretary of the UWCPOA. Five years ago Drue’s family decided that they needed a place of their own. After a long and arduous search they chose a cabin in the Beaver Springs Ranch and are coming up on two years of enjoyment there. Drue has spent 40 years as part owner of two commercial sheet metal contracting company’s and it goes without saying they enjoy all their free time, or as much as they can, in the mountains. Drue has served as the PTA President of Taylorsville High School during the 2000-2001 & 2001-2002 school years. One of his accomplishments there was bringing the Association back in the black after several years of deficit spending. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Sheet Metal Contractors Association of Utah since 1998. He also served as Secretary from 9/12-9/14 and Vice President from 9/14-9/16 and as President from 9/16-9/18. He holds a Board position as Past President until 9/20. Drue commits to give his best to the Association to continue making this Association a beautiful lifestyle for all of our neighbors.

Jess Hofberger

Hello Beaver Springs Ranch Community,

It has been an honor to serve as one of your HOA Board members for the last two years. My wife and I have been homeowners at BSR since 2007 and it’s been a pleasure to meet our owners, work alongside neighbors, and give back to this wonderful community. 

Over the past two years, we have focused on bringing the association’s fiscal house in order in anticipation of some major work ahead of us (a new bridge and our ongoing endeavor to better the roads). While this did mean HOA fees were raised slightly, I believe this will keep our community maintained and safe for the long haul! I am also extremely proud of the board’s efforts in repairing the Morehouse road without a community assessment and believe that thoughtful projects like this, coupled with the slight raise in the HOA fee, will ensure our communities’ future is bright.

I am asking for your support in running for another term so I can continue to serve the BSR community and “finish what I’ve started”. This includes: maintaining the current bridge this year; in order to replace it the following year, beginning a process to address the changing winter needs of the community- especially as a continued lack of cold and snow alter the way the roads are used. And most importantly, putting a renewed focus on community rules and regulations. There are more people than ever spending time on the mountain and it is the Board’s responsibility to educate newcomers, respect our neighbors and maintain our small town atmosphere. 

Thanks for your support. See you on the mountain.

Sean Steinman

My name is Sean Steinman and recently became an owner and resident of Beaver Springs with my Wife & 2 children back in August 2020. We jumped right in and fell in love with the community in all ways and split time between our Residence at the Base of Big Cottonwood Canyon & Beaver Springs about 70/30. 

I was born and raised in Utah, and own multiple businesses within Utah with a mantra across all of the entities which is Love Your City. From Restaurants to Real Estate Development we cover it all and have a thoughtful approach to create a sense of community and foundation of growth. Our Developments consist of affordable housing, market rate townhomes, single family spec and we have thrown a Community cafe into the mix to create a sense of place for the communities we love. 

I would enjoy being a part of the board within Beaver Springs to preserve the beauty and serenity of the community.  

Thank you for your consideration. 


This year was a low snowpack at Beaver Springs, and the snow we do have is rapidly melting. At this time, the Board is hoping to lift Winter Restrictions in the near future. Please stay tuned and continue to hold off driving over roads which will be damaged by automotive traffic. Also, avoid the river banks in the upcoming weeks, these weather conditions typically cause fast high-water conditions.

Winter road restrictions are in effect any time the winter restrictions sign is posted on the gate. During winter restrictions, only snow vehicles—such as snowmobiles, snow cats, and ATVs—are permitted on BSR roads. Cars, trucks, and 4-wheel drive vehicles are not permitted until restrictions are lifted. At this time, we highly recommend tracked ATVs due to patches of snow (either frozen or very soft), mud, and areas lacking either.

As a reminder, large trucks and commercial vehicles are typically restricted for an additional 1-3 weeks after the winter restrictions are lifted (depending on weather). This is to prevent costly damage to the still-soft roads.

We are monitoring the weather, the remaining snow, and the road conditions in general with hopes of lifting the restriction some time soon. It is, however, too soon to know when we will be able to lift the restrictions. Recent Spring storms have slowed the melting and sometimes added new snow.

Please check back here or on our Facebook page before assuming restrictions have been lifted.


The BSR Annual Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 4th, 2021, beginning at 7:00 PM. Due to COVID-19 restrictions and complications, the meeting will be held virtually via Zoom. If you are unable to attend, there will be a recording of the meeting posted soon after May 4th.

Two board positions are open for election. We are seeking candidates for these positions. Please contact us at beaverspringsranchassoc­@­ (must type e-mail address; don’t copy/paste) if you are interested. A short bio (up to 200 words) must be provided by April 10th.

Spring Reminder from the water Board

Fellow Beaver Springs Ranchers:

Spring is upon us and our sparse snow cover is beginning to melt. Governor Cox has already declared a state of DROUGHT EMERGENCY requesting Utahns begin water conservation early to stretch our limited water as far as possible. We, too, could face water shortages, even in spite of our previously planned upgrades to the spring, our main water source. We encourage each of you to begin water conservation measures at this point and to avoid any outside watering.

One potential consequence of a low snowpack is the reduced insulation to the ground that a deep layer of snow provides. One of our full-time resident families already has experienced a frozen water main. As the snow melts please be on the lookout for any unusual water seepage that might represent a leak. This could occur in our water mains – but that is improbable as our lines are buried 5 ft below the road surface and have been replaced with modern plastic materials over time. More likely is a fracture in older metal lines between the water mains and your homes – or within your cabins as water is turned back on when you “unwinterized”. Such a leak can drain our water storage tanks within a short span of days, at which point we will have to resort to pumping from the well – a very costly expense.

Please conserve our precious water and report any suspicious ground water to one of the elected members of your water board or homeowner’s association board.

Thanks, and enjoy our wonderful surroundings this spring and summer! 

Cool Springs Mutual Water Association board members

Annual HOA Assessments

The BSR Annual HOA assessments are due today, March 1st. Thank you to those who have made timely payments, and tried out our new payment system!

Most bills were sent through email, and for the first time we offered the option to pay directly online with bill payment through QuickBooks. This has worked out wonderfully for our community!

If you have not received your bill, please double check your email, including your spam folder. If there are any issues or concerns please reach out to the Board at .

Water Invoices

Cool Springs Water Company Shareholders – Invoice payments are due January 31, 2021. Thanks to all who have paid already. Late fees will be added the first week in February, so avoid them please by getting your check in the mail this week. If you have questions, please email me at

As a reminder, the address is below:

Cool Springs Mutual Water Company

PO Box 571214

Murray, UT 84157-1214

Weber Canyon Transfer Station & Recycling

Greetings Weber Canyon residents and property owners,
As most of you are aware, the recycle bin in the Weber Canyon transfer station area was removed last year due to inappropriate dumping and misuse of the facilities by a minority of users.  The misuse was egregious enough that the authorities considered shutting down the entire transfer station, but ultimately agreed to remove only the recycle bin. 

Tim Loveday, Summit County Public Works Solid Waste Superintendent, has generously been working to provide and install cameras in the area to help mitigate misuse.  
Toward that end, Summit County is asking anyone who witnesses dumping of inappropriate materials to please report the date, time and any other useful information by calling or email:

Summit County 3-mile landfill 435-336-5297
or Summit County Solid Waste
435-336-3970 or
Tim Loveday:
The recycle bin will be reinstalled – however, the bin and the area must be used correctly.
Some types of dumping are illegal, against Summit County ordinances or simply go against common sense and cost limited Summit County Public Works resources to clean up.  Please see the attachment for guidelines and the following:
– Please do not place any items or refuse on the ground or on top of the dumpsters.
– If the recycle bin is full, please take it to another recycling facility (for example, Recycle Utah has an excellent facility in Park City), or deposit it in one of the trash bins.  You are also welcome to call one of the phone numbers listed above to report full bins.

– Please do not leave any items in the area that you think might be picked up or repurposed by someone else.  Again, Recycle Utah has a place for some of these items- Do not throw any kind of household trash in the recycle bin. 
– Do not throw garbage bags full of recycled material in the recycle bin. Bags that haven’t been opened up and emptied out in to the recycle bin will be rejected.
– Cardboard boxes (broken down) need to be disposed of in the recycle bin.

Summit County has also included dumpster and recycle dumpster violations in their fee schedule – $250 for the first offense, $500 for subsequent offenses. Please see:

We all look forward to having access to the recycle bin again, and having a clean and manageable area.  Summit County needs everyone’s help on this. Please pass this message along to your Association members.
A big THANK YOU to Angela Dohanos, Alicia O’Meara (Weber Canyon residents) and Tim Loveday for your work and efforts getting the recycle bin back! 

Thanks to everyone for all your help in this matter
Stephanie Weems, Board Member, Upper Weber Canyon Property Owners Association