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Road Maintenance Expected May 7–18

At the moment (because it is always dependent on weather conditions) we anticipate road maintenance will be done 5/7/18–5/18/18. Road base will be put down, roads will be graded and rolled. There is also carryover culvert work from last year that will take place on Fremont and Lewis & Clark. However we don’t know if it will occur at this same time or whether it will be later in the year.

While road base is being brought in, anticipate the main gate to be chained open. Be cautious of heavy machinery and respect road restrictions that may be imposed for short periods of time.

Speed Bumps

With this weekend being Pioneer Day weekend, BSR could be a busy place. New speed bumps have been in place for a couple weeks at the top of Mud Hill. These can take people by surprise if they are not aware of them. Signs have been ordered.

Please be aware of the new speed bumps and exercise caution on the roads. The speed limit is 10 mph and should be observed for everyone’s safety.

Update, 8/12/2017: Signs have been posted on the first and third dips which face both directions. Be aware there is a second dip on the crest of the hill. We are aware that this unmarked dip is extremely difficult to see while driving and are taking feedback on the dips in general.

Annual Road Maintenance

Annual road maintenance is planned to occur May 15–26, pending weather conditions. Maintenance will include culvert replacement/repair, road base, grading, and rolling. You may encounter heavy road machinery during the maintenance. Please use caution and respect any road restrictions which may be temporarily in place where work is in progress.

Water line work – ROAD CLOSURE

Water line work will take place along the meadow road on Tuesday, November 8th, from about 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. This will require the road to be closed for about 1½ hours during that 4 hour time frame. If REQUIRED, the contractor will be able to assist with EMERGENCY ONLY entrance/exit. Please plan your schedules so that the work can be completed without interruption and the road opened again as quickly as possible.

Road Maintenance Scheduled To Begin Monday, 5/23

Road Work AheadWeather permitting, annual road maintenance is scheduled for the period Monday, 5/23,  thru Friday, 6/3.  Work will take place during the week allowing for normal access on weekends.

Navigation of some BSR roads may be impaired for short periods of time during this period due to heavy machinery and the placement of new road base.

Exercise caution thru the work zones.