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2016 DNR Chipping Confirmed — Exact date(s) not yet known

The DNR has confirmed that they will again chip wood piles this year ….. similar to last year.  It is important that the wood piles be properly stacked as shown in the accompanying pictures.  Wood chips will be left on your property.  Stacked wood should be placed close to the main BSR roads, easily accessible by work crews.

Chipping dates will be posted as soon as we are notified. Significant advanced notice may not be possible.  Please clean your properties now in preparation for DNR work.

We appreciate the work and cleanup efforts already evident throughout the BSR area.    Your cleanup efforts earned us a Firewise USA award for 2015 and contribute to a similar recognition for 2016.

Organized & Ready for Chipping
Organized & Ready for Chipping
Note:  Cut side facing the road
Note: Cut side facing the road



BSR Receives Firewise Community USA Recognition

Firewise Sign
BSR Firewise Sign
2015 Firewise Award
2015 Firewise Award

At the  Association Annual meeting held Monday, May 9th, BSR was given  the Firewise Community/ USA Award.  Ken Ludwig, representing Summit County DNR and the National Firewise Program , presented the award and thanked BSR property owners for their efforts to make our community safer by reducing fire risks through cleanup efforts.

Thank you for your interest and hard work to make our BSR area safer and more attractive by cleaning up your properties and properly stacking deadfall for the DNR chipping program.

DNR will be back again this year to assist with chipping and beautification efforts.

DNR Chipping Project Complete

The DNR has completed their wood chipping project for the year.  We were able to utilize their services because of your efforts and hard work cleaning up your properties and appropriately stacking deadfall.

Remember to complete the “in-kind” form to record your time cleaning your property and turn it into any board member.  Your reported “in-kind” hours provide the basis for future continued DNR assistance.

Thank you again for a job well done!

Fall DNR Chipping Project

The DNR has informed us they will have a crew here after September 14th for additional chipping similar to that they performed in the spring this year.  The exact dates are unknown at this point.  The chipper will be smaller this time and will not take wood larger than 12″ in diameter.  Wood must be stacked in the same manner as before for ease of handling.

Areas not reached in the spring will receive first attention.

If you have additional cleanup and chipping needs, use the next few weeks to get ready for the DNR chipping project.

Remember to complete the “in-kind” form to record your time cleaning your property and turn it into any board member.

More information will be posted as it is provided.





DNR Chipping Project Finished

The DNR chipping program has completed for the spring.  A special “thank you” to property owners who cleaned up their properties and prepared wood stacks to be chipped.  DNR brought in a large work party and completed all but a very few properties before their grant money ran out and work had to stop.  We appreciate their efforts and hard work.  Our area looks much better due to your and their efforts.

We’ve been informed that they will be back in the fall after we have provided them with the “In-Kind” forms detailing hours each of us have worked cleaning up our properties.  If you have not already done so, turn in your completed forms to a board member, or call one of us and we will pick it up from you.

Those properties missed this time will be the first to be addressed in the fall.  More information will be provided once we know that more grant money has been approved and a work date scheduled.

Thank you again for your terrific support of this project and hard work to beautify our area.