2016 DNR Chipping Confirmed — Exact date(s) not yet known

The DNR has confirmed that they will again chip wood piles this year ….. similar to last year.  It is important that the wood piles be properly stacked as shown in the accompanying pictures.  Wood chips will be left on your property.  Stacked wood should be placed close to the main BSR roads, easily accessible by work crews.

Chipping dates will be posted as soon as we are notified. Significant advanced notice may not be possible.  Please clean your properties now in preparation for DNR work.

We appreciate the work and cleanup efforts already evident throughout the BSR area.    Your cleanup efforts earned us a Firewise USA award for 2015 and contribute to a similar recognition for 2016.

Organized & Ready for Chipping
Organized & Ready for Chipping
Note:  Cut side facing the road
Note: Cut side facing the road