DNR Chipping Project Finished

The DNR chipping program has completed for the spring.  A special “thank you” to property owners who cleaned up their properties and prepared wood stacks to be chipped.  DNR brought in a large work party and completed all but a very few properties before their grant money ran out and work had to stop.  We appreciate their efforts and hard work.  Our area looks much better due to your and their efforts.

We’ve been informed that they will be back in the fall after we have provided them with the “In-Kind” forms detailing hours each of us have worked cleaning up our properties.  If you have not already done so, turn in your completed forms to a board member, or call one of us and we will pick it up from you.

Those properties missed this time will be the first to be addressed in the fall.  More information will be provided once we know that more grant money has been approved and a work date scheduled.

Thank you again for your terrific support of this project and hard work to beautify our area.