Construction and Road Damage

Haight Hill has been damaged by oversized construction and contractor vehicles carrying loads that were too heavy to manage on the grade of the hill. The Board is working to get the road repaired as quickly as possible.

In the meantime, all residents should try to avoid Haight Hill – especially if you are bringing in equipment or a heavy load.

It is very important that residents and contractors are aware that vehicles can’t always make it up Height or Mud Hill with extremely heavy loads. Often times multiple loads should be made in order to safely make it up the hills without causing damage. For instance, if your tires are rising off the ground then this is a sign your load is too large. Residents and contractors who cause damage to the roads will be charged – this is in addition to the construction fees collected for normal wear and tear.

As a reminder, BSR began collection construction impact fees in 2020. Please contact the Board if you are working on a renovation project or new build. The information about the fees can be found here: