Gate Lock Broke

Unfortunately, today someone broke off a key in the main gate. For a few hours it was unlocked, but then somehow it was pushed in and locked. Several residents couldn’t leave, and a group tried for a while to get it open ourselves. Thanks to everyone who tried to help. We found someone to come out and cut the lock. The gate is now permanently open until it is repaired. Please spread the word. We are so sorry for the inconvenience.

Update, 9/21: Due to costs associated with repairing the gate lock, the Board is stepping up its timeline for an electric gate. We have no estimate at this time, but can assure everyone the lock will either be repaired or the electric gate in place before winter. Should we proceed with the electric gate this Fall, we are considering mailing keycards to homeowners for the electric gate. If your address has changed, please make sure you update it with us! Other delivery methods (ex: in person) will be limited, but available.