Weber Canyon Land Owners,

 We are having a kick off BBQ meeting talking about grant opportunities for the coming years within the weber watershed. This Meeting is Targeting the South Fork of the Weber, Weber River Basin Corp, Holiday Park and all other land owners in and around Alpine Acres! 

Alpine Acres Fire Board wanted to formally invite all residents up to have a meeting about the opportunity to have fuels work done on their property with grant dollars. 

Alpine Acres is a community that has been able to treat over 36 acres within the community and has been an outstanding FireWise community for 10+ years.

Please share this invite Far and Wide and fill out the survey!

PURPOSE: To give landowners within the targeted priority project areas all the information they need to make informed decisions on whether they would allow the State of Utah, Forestry, Fire and State lands to implement Fuels Reduction on their land. And if willing, get the land owners permission to start moving forward on project planning for 2023

WHEN: September 3rd, 2022, 12:00PM


if you copy paste the link it will take you to the meeting