2022 BSR Board Election

As a reminder, this year at the Annual Meeting (Tuesday, May 17th at the Sheldon Richins building in Kimball Junction) we will hear from the candidates. We will then vote electronically in the near future, because we have received the best results with this method.

Here are the candidates:

Alicia O’Meara

Hi my name is Alicia O’Meara and for some of you that don’t know me, I have had my cabin property since 2006.  Now I spend most of my time there which makes it easy for me to address issues on property.  I have been on the Beavers Springs Ranch board for the past 2 terms.  My position on the board has been Treasurer.  I worked on transitioning to a modernized online accounting system in QuickBooks and Beaver Springs Ranch HOA is online and working well.  I would like to continue streamlining this process to better serve our members.  I love Beaver Springs and enjoy all my time on the mountain!  I would love to stay on the board and continue to work as the treasurer and handle the keys system.   

Dave Williams

I was born in 1964, when I was 2 weeks old my Grandparents with help from my parents, aunts, and uncles started to build our family cabin. I spent most of my weekends and holidays (year round) at our family cabin for most of my 58 years.

I have been a professional mechanic since the early 1980’s. In 1993 I started my own business and enjoyed providing a needed service to the public. In 2019 after much thought decided to move on to other business opportunities. Now I have a little extra time to give to the mountain I enjoy so much.

Kohnie Jensen

My parents purchased our property in 1971. It was my favorite place to go with my family. After they passed, my sister and I retained the property wanting the memories to be passed down through generations. It is still my favorite place to go. I have been an educator for 35 years. One year in Cedar City, 31 years in Jordan School District, and currently in Granite School District. My specialty, Mathematics. I served in various positions throughout the years including Department Chairperson and Data Specialist. I also worked closely with the district math consultant developing materials and writing a resource book for the new standards, launched in 2013. After 30 years, I retired from education and worked for Independent Eye Care Professionals with accounts receivable, their rebate program, and individuals and group billings, as well as distributing funds to states throughout the country. After three years I returned to the classroom. I now teach closer to home at Olympus High. Returning to education was a great decision; I love the classroom and my students. It also frees me up to “head for the hills” on a more regular basis. I love the relationships on the mountain and as we grow and the world changes, I would like to help preserve that heritage.

Amanda Dipo

My name is Amanda Dipo, I have been in the Insurance Industry for almost 20 years, of which, I enjoy immensely.  I currently am co-owner of an Independent Insurance Agency, High Mark Insurance Agency, in Sandy, UT for the past 15 years.  I strive for excellent customer service and am very detailed oriented.  My husband (Tim Dipo) and I have 4 daughters and reside in West Jordan.  The Beaver Springs area has been near and dear to my heart since I was a child as my grandparents introduced me to the area making it a life goal to someday have ownership in the area.  We purchased our cabin in the fall of 2018 and have enjoyed everything about it.  Not only do we love the beautiful area, the community is also a great part of our enjoyment.  I want to be able to represent the community as a Board Member with ideas and ways to better our community.  I want the community to know the Board is on their side and willing to help.  As mentioned on FB, I don’t want to continue the feeling that the Board is hated, but I do feel that some changes need to be made.  Everyone’s opinion matters and if we can unite with ideas and changes it will make us even stronger!  

Bob Elegante

My name is Bob Elegante. My partner Rob and I own #53 (love it or hate it, you probably know it as the cabin with stuffed animails out front).
We owned the cabin for 5 years and now that I’m back from Sweden we are up there weekly year round. We live in Salt Lake City. I work as a medical software implementation consultant for Cerner Corporation. I have experience serving on a condominium association board lets just say several years ago.

I’m throwing my hat in the ring because I feel that if you want a say in how BSR is managed, you need to be part of it. In my mind the top focus for the board is to ensure it can meet its responsibilities, maintain a sound financial position and use our resources to benefit all of the members of the association. Things such as ensuring the common areas (primarily that the roads) are maintained, promoting safety, and where they can holding people accountable when folks don’t follow the rules they agreed to when they joined the association. The board isn’t here to enforce zoning regulations or act as law enforcement.

Thanks for your consideration and hopefully I’ll see you around BSR!