Winter Restrictions Temporarily Reduced – REMINDER

On November 17th the Board decided to temporarily reduce winter restrictions. However, we have had a few issues with vehicles causing damage or getting stuck. So here is a friendly reminder before the holiday weekend:
Beaver Springs roads are muddy and soft, but passable. Please Do Not bring in construction vehicles, heavy vehicles trailers or large vehicles of any sort! Please use common sense and avoid steep and soft sections if possible. It would be nice to leave the roads open to passenger vehicles for as long as possible, but if large trucks and construction vehicles continue to damage the roads when they are muddy winter restrictions will have to go back up.

From November 17th:

Beaver Springs had less snow over the weekend than what was forecasted. There is still quite a lot of snow, more than what is usually on the ground this time of year. So, we will temporarily reduce winter restrictions and allow vehicles with 4 wheel drive into Beaver Springs. No cars or large vehicles should enter Beaver Springs.

Many people were surprised by this storm. So, this is a good reminder for all of us to start preparing cabins for Winter early in the Fall because we can never predict the weather.