Winter road restrictions are now in effect!! ONLY snow vehicles (snowmobiles, snow cats, ATVs, and the like) are permitted on BSR roads. Cars, trucks, and 4-wheel drive vehicles are not permitted until restrictions are lifted in the Spring.

Restrictions are going into place earlier this year, because we are expecting a big snow storm the weekend of 11/13/2020. Two-three feet of snow is expected in areas of Summit County. We have already had some issues with cars stuck in the neighborhood, so please plan accordingly.

*If there is a possibility that the restrictions can be lifted in late November, we will notify residents. However, it seems as though winter has arrived early!

We change to “Winter Road Restrictions” when the snow or ice accumulation is significant enough to make travel on BSR roads hazardous. During winter restrictions, only snow vehicles—such as snowmobiles, snow cats, and ATVs—are permitted past the BSR gate. Cars, trucks, and 4-wheel drive vehicles ARE NOT PERMITED until restrictions are lifted. Even if you see car tracks going past the gate, this does not mean it is okay for you to drive in. This is for everyone’s safety. We’ve had people in the past who disobey the restrictions and end up blocking the road at the bottom of the gated hill.

It is the responsibility of every Association Member to ensure their guests are aware when Winter Restrictions are in effect and what that means. We had a few non-snow vehicles go into BSR last winter by guests. Most required assistance to get out.