Winter Restrictions Reminder

It is the responsibility of each and every Association Member to ensure their guests (including contractors) are aware when Winter Restrictions are in effect and what that means. We have had a few violations this week which are causing issues for others travelling the roads.

A reminder that winter road restrictions are in effect any time the winter restrictions sign is posted on the gate. This is done when the snow or ice accumulation is significant enough to make travel on BSR roads hazardous. During winter restrictions, only snow vehicles—such as snowmobiles, snow cats, and ATVs—are permitted past the BSR gate. This is a requirement of anyone passing through the gate; whether a Beaver Springs Ranch property owner or any of the neighbors to our north who also use the BSR gate. Cars, trucks, and 4-wheel drive vehicles are not permitted until restrictions are lifted. Even if you see car tracks going past the gate, this does not mean it is okay for you to drive in. This is for everyone’s safety.

We reserve the right to levy a fine to any Association Member found to be in connection with a violation of the Winter Restrictions.