Gate System Replaced

Due to the perpetual issues with the gate and no discoverable solution by our vendor, our gate vendor replaced the entire system earlier this week at no cost to us. The new system is a higher level of durability and toughness.

Please remember: DO NOT push or pull the gate at any time. In the past, doing so could break the mechanism. With the new system, whatever is pushing or pulling is more likely to break!

To help protect the gate system and the camera which monitors the area, a surge suppressor was installed last Spring.

Additionally, new signs were added this Summer on and around the gate to help remind how to use the gate system. It is now community members’ responsibilities to care for the gate and explain to guests/contractors how the gate works. There is NO reason to actually touch the gate. Pushing it open or shut will be considered a violation and we will hold those accountable when necessary. If you have any questions about the gate or keys, please read through our Gate FAQ first, then contact us, if necessary.

As always, please make sure the gate closes completely behind you before leaving the area. Remember, it will not close if you are over a sensor, but please do not park on the sensors (doing so caused at least one malfunction last month). If the gate does not close on its own, contact us ASAP!

All current key cards, fobs, transmitters, and any temporary PINs should work as usual.

Special thanks to Karl Lund for all his efforts in trying to figure out the issues this Summer, keeping the old system limping along, and helping us get this new system!