Morehouse Road Update

The following is a copy of a letter sent to property owners along Morehouse Road dated 23 July, 2019. The Board would like to share it with everyone for informational purposes.

Dear Beaver Springs Ranch property owners:

The Beaver Springs Association Board would like to take this opportunity to let you know our plan for moving forward in regards to the Morehouse road area. First, thank you to the Crosswhite family for allowing us to use their driveway as a detour. The Board will work with the Crosswhites to repair any damage to their property that results because of this. Second, thank you to everyone affected by the road closure for their patience and “community spirit” as we work through this repair.

There are numerous issues delaying our progress, including a combination of overlapping property rights. The Board is working through all of these issues, with all respective parties, and has an intention of beginning actual repair work on October first. To be specific, Beaver Springs Ranch does not own any property to the south of the road- so relocating the property further onto dry land is not an option. In addition, the bed of the river is owned by another party. This river boundary is (roughly speaking) described as the area between the high-water marks of the river- which now includes the river and rock area where the road used to be. Finally, we should all bear in mind that the Board simply cannot dump fill material into the river without a number of permits, which would be difficult for the Beaver Springs Ranch Association to obtain, because Beaver Springs Ranch is (arguably) not the owner of the property where the road used to be. In short, this is a bit of a mess.

The good news is that the owner of the river bed has agreed to return the river to its approximate course of several years ago and is in the process of obtaining the proper permits. It is his expectation to begin work when the water reaches its annual low point- around the beginning of October. At that time, the road will be returned to (approximately) it’s original location and the shoreline hardened against future erosion.

The Association Board is working hard to ensure this plan comes to fruition, but please understand that many aspects (such as permitting) are out of our control. In the meantime, we thank you again for your patience and would welcome any suggestions to improve the situation. Feel free to contact any Board member for further discussion, but please be patient with us as we are all learning about Utah property and water law as we go. We will do our best to let you know when we have updates.

See you on the Mountain!

Jess Hofberger
On behalf of the Beaver Springs Ranch Association Board