Road Maintenance May 20-24

At the moment (because it is always dependent on weather conditions) we are scheduled to have road maintenance done May 20 through May 24. Road base will be put down, borrow ditches cleaned out, and roads graded and rolled. The map above shows our prioritized areas where road material will be added this year. Grading and rolling will occur throughout BSR.

We’re keeping a close eye on the coned off section of MacKenzie where there is road damage. As of our inspection on Monday, we couldn’t tell if it was a water line leak or subterranean winter runoff. Please do not drive through or around the cones since this will just cause more damage and cost even more to repair.

While road base is being brought in, we don’t anticipate the main gate to be chained open this year due to our new electronic gate. Please be cautious of heavy machinery and respect road restrictions which may be imposed for short periods of time.