Snow Leveling 4/25/2019

The high snow pack late into the season has necessitated an unusual bit of road maintenance that will be conducted tomorrow, Thursday, April 25th. When the snow has lingered into Spring and caused treacherous conditions for approved winter-access vehicles, the Board has in the past approved grading of the snow to promote safety, more even melting, and earlier drying of the roads for more timely removal of Winter Restrictions.

Spring 2019 has had plenty of lingering snow and landed squarely in those treacherous conditions. The roads within BSR are currently in a great variety of conditions ranging from dry and ready for vehicles in some areas to covered with mounds of snow in several others. It’s the mounds of snow which pose a problem to approved winter travel. To remedy this, Park City Landscape and Snow Removal will be at BSR tomorrow to attempt to level out the mounds.

Please continue to observe the posted Winter Restrictions. If the leveling being conducted tomorrow is successful and with continued support from the weather, we hope to start lifting the restrictions in the next 2-3 weeks.

Update 5/3/2019: The snow leveling was successful and has improved the safety of access throughout BSR during our transition from winter. It has also helped the snow melt more evenly. We’re inspecting the roads on Monday, May 6, with our road maintenance contractor. We’ll announce as soon as Winter Restrictions are lifted. Please help protect our roads (and budget) and honor the Winter Restrictions while they are in effect.