UWCPOA Dump Proposal

Last fall Summit County partnered with Republic Services for solid waste collection and a $36 fee was assessed property owners. Many BSR property owners received an invoice. The Upper Weber County Property Owners Association (comprised of the homeowner associations in Weber Canyon) is proposing a counter proposal to reduce the fee assessed to property owners. Current facts and the new proposal are shown below.

BY MAY 31st, please direct any questions or suggestions to improve the proposal to a BSR board member or call Garl Fink or Don Vernon at the phone numbers shown below.

–Beaver Springs Ranch Board of Directors


2016 Total waste from Summit County to 3 mile waste disposal
= 46,500 tons

2016 Total waste from Weber Canyon dump
= 338 tons

Percentage of Total waste from Weber Canyon dump to 3 mile disposal
338 divided by 46,500 = .007288 or .07 percent

Fees for Weber Canyon full time residents $36.00

Fees for Weber Canyon part time (second dwelling) residents $19.00

With $1.00 of each fee going to cleanup, repair and maintenance of Weber Canyon dump.

Garl Fink, President U.W.C.P.O.A.
Don Vernon, V.P., U.W.C.P.O.A. & V.P., B.S.R.A.