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Preliminary Notification of Gate Lock Change

The main gate still has the summer lock, but with the storms coming in the next week that could change quickly. The hill leading down from the gate is already getting icy and snowy. It doesn’t melt here as well as most other areas of BSR because of the hillside shadows. Please use extra caution when travelling down or up any section of road with snow or ice.

The main gate will be kept open as long as possible, but a change can occur quickly depending on weather and road conditions. When the roads became unsafe to navigate in personal road vehicles, winter gate rules will go into effect. We will post notice of the lock change as soon as we have a definitive date.

UPDATE: Main Gate Winter Rules in Effect For Now

Substantial snow melt has occurred during the past two weeks.  Lower roads in the association are clear, but the higher roads still have snow on them and may be difficult to navigate in personal automobiles.  Status will be reviewed again later this week and the website updated.

Main gate winter rules are still in effect.  Please respect the current ban on personal vehicles until winter restrictions have been lifted.

 Please keep the gates closed and locked at all times.

Winter Rules in Effect
Winter Rules in Effect

March 22 — Road Condition Report and Pictures

Road conditions were mixed as of Sunday, 3/22.  Some areas were dry, others still covered with snow or ice, and others were very wet and muddy.  It is not possible to drive personal vehicles to all areas in the association.  As a result, winter rules are still in effect at the main gate for vehicle access.  Conditions will be monitored and a change made only when road conditions are safe.  Updated posts will help you know current road conditions.

See pictures below of the Association roads on 3/22.

Inside the main gate
Inside the main gate
Road leading to the corral.
Road leading to the corral.


Winter Gate Change Notice

Snow is beginning to accumulate and is covering all BSR roads.  Some are difficult to navigate.  Only 4-wheel drive vehicle access is advised.   Slow down and exercise caution on all roads.

A new snow storm is expected this weekend.  Changing the main gate to “Winter Access” and “Winter Rules” will be dependent on weather conditions and BSR road safety.   We will attempt to provide advance notice of lock changes.  However, prepare now for a lock change that could occur at any time.

Visit this website frequently for updates.