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2017 BSR Board Officers

Randy Ploeger — President
Don Vernon — Vice President
Brad Peterson — Secretary
Claire Stevenson — Treasurer
Paul Ewert — Communications

(Stated Board positions are carry-over from 2016. Positions may change at the Board’s next meeting. We will update this post at such time.)

Update, June 2017: All board positions are remaining as noted above for 2017.

Board Write-in Candidates

We welcome and encourage anyone interested to run for board positions. This year we have two additional nominees for open board positions. These will have to be “write in” candidates because the annual meeting packet had been printed and mailed before information was received. Names and bios are below:

Steve Hunt
I am a retired business owner, and have owned property in Beaver Springs since 1981. Our cabin is a refuge for us, and we dearly love the time we spend there, although it always seems to end too soon. I served on the Association board for several years in the mid-80’s. I have time now, some skills, and I am willing to serve again.

Ed Nazarowitz
I am running for a position on the Beaver Springs Ranch Association Board.

I have been a full time resident of Beaver Springs since October of 2005. I have spent my adult life in community service as a volunteer fireman, a member of the US army, 25 years as a police officer, and most recently six years as a member of the Beaver Springs Board.

My governing philosophies are open and honest government responsible to the membership. I believe in physical responsibility and spending money that is necessary to maintain a safe and functioning Association and not spending money because we have it.

In closing numerous people know I am not afraid to get my hands dirty or break a sweat working for the association, or to assist a neighbor in need.

BSR Annual Meeting—Monday, May 8, 2017

The BSR Annual Meeting will be held Monday, May 8, 2017 beginning at 7:00pm. Meeting location is the same as last year: Murray Library, 166 East 5300 South, Murray, Utah.

The board positions for Randy and Claire are open for election. Please contact Brad Peterson if you are interested in running for one of the positions. A short bio must be provided to Brad by April 1st.